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Buying my first car
I visited key west to look at a used truck. Peter was very nice and fixed any problems with the truck so it would be safe and reliable for me, as well as suggested I contact him with any questions and concerns. I would definitely go back because of how nice and reasonable the staff were.
Pleasant experience with sales staff.
Buying a new (or near-new) vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, salesman Robert Klaus was very helpful and treated me fairly. They offered me a very reasonable amount for my trade-in and the financing and insurance arrangements were seamless. The vehicle was detailed and was ready to be driven home in less than an hour. I would recommend Key West to a family member or a friend.
Great service
Great dealership and sales person. Friendly, knowledgeable and not aggressive in the sale at all. Financing was a breeze too. Definitely recommend this place for a purchase
Best service
I bought my car at key west ford in New Westminster. Thank you Carrie and Megan in finance helping me out. If I have any issues there always there to help me out.. I get my answer same day. There always keep in mind. These wonderful ladies treat me and my dog like family. Thank you for everything and I always will come back.????
Great service Great Experience!
My experience at Key West ford was great, the sales team were very knowledgeable and helpful. Id like to extend an extra thank you to Megan Fraser, she definately went above and beyond and made my experience that much better, she took care of all paper work, made sure my car was cleaned and fueled and provided me with an insurance rep right on the spot so i could drive away in my new car that day. Thanks again Megan
2019 Ford Mustang 201A Package
I bought the car before Christmas 2018. Peter helped me through the super easy and smooth process which was then passed on to Michelle, who did the rest of the transaction. I was very excited to have such car because of comfort, style, and the speed. Not to forget the loud engine as if there’s a war on the road when driving a mustang. I don’t have to elaborate into specifics but I love the car. After the transaction, Peter guided me through the technology, seats and modes of driving. Also, he didn’t promise me anything but before the day of purchase, I asked Peter some favours. One of them is the “key west ford” logo on the rear of the vehicle that I didn’t want to have. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Peter provided. Sadly, I lost the car due to an accident which I’m not at fault. I only had the car for less than 7 months but moving on, I look forward on talking to Peter for another brand new mustang!
So helpful! Erick was fantastic.
Erick at Key West Ford was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy at all, showed us all the options we wanted and ended up with an even better car than we expected. Double thumbs up.
Very impressed
I bought a f450 from Ben this past week. Ben and his team went above and beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and they worked hard to meet my needs. I highly recommend them!
Leave it to me.
We like to browse without being pursued, first point given to Jag Dhillon for simply saying, hello I am Jag, is there anything i can help you with. We like space when i shop, and Jag picked up pretty quick, how our personalities worked, and let us come to him with questions on our terms. The end result, we bought a car from him, he was most helpful in answering questions, as well as sharing knowledge.. i would definitely recommend buying a car from Jag Dhillon at Key West Ford. Our, new to us, preowned mini cooper roadster was a great deal, and i feel like the care we got was authentic. Great job!
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers

Ford Showcases SYNC 3’s Interface

(Posted on Sep 6, 2015 at 03:51AM by Lee Byard)

In 2010 the MyFord Touch system premiered. Heralded as the next generation of infotainment tech, it promised voice-activated commands, BlueTooth compatibility, and a RSS feed aggregator that would effortlessly compile (and read) social activity. It was supposed to spark sales and critical acclaim.

All it did, however, was spark anger. The MyFord Touch suffered from a lagging interface and a complicated design, causing drivers to devote more time to pressing buttons than following the road. It was an undeniable failure.

From that failure has come a chance for redemption, though - because Ford has just released the SYNC 3 and it delivers the info-tech that drivers deserve. Check it out!


With the debut of the SYNC 3 - a 2016 option, currently available in the Mustang, Fiesta, Expedition, Transit, and Escape - Ford revs toward success. By recognizing, and correcting, the problems of the past, the company can finally take its place among the infotainment titans.

The Touch platofrm has been replaced - and Key West Ford is glad.

To learn more about the SYNC 3 contact us today!

Ford Australia Continues To Work With ‘Go Further’ Winner Josh Cashman

(Posted on Sep 6, 2015 at 03:46AM by Lee Byard)

On August 31st, the Key West team shared news about the Go Further Busker Grant - an exclusive Ford award, meant to further the careers of musicians and deliver crucial opportunities. This year’s recipient, Josh Cashman, was already reaping the rewards and striking all the right notes.

Now we’re pleased to announce that he’s turning those notes into a full song. Cashman, with help from Ford, has just released his first single. Have a listen below!


The Go Further philosophy propels Ford far beyond automotives. It instead embraces all creative, social, and entrepreneurial outlets - helping individuals achieve their goals and better their fields. Cashman is one such individual and he’s finally able to fully channel his energy into song-writing (rather than struggling to book studio sessions).

Ford is making a difference throughout the world. We can’t wait to see where the Go Further grant takes them next.

Ford Tests Its SYNC 3’s Voice Recognition Capabilities

(Posted on Sep 5, 2015 at 05:40AM by Lee Byard)

The road to infotainment domination has been less than smooth for Ford. Its MyTouch system drew ire from drivers and critics alike, and its shift from Microsoft to Blackberry was riddled with glitches galore.

With the release of the SYNC 3, however, the company is finally finding success. This new system - which offers a streamlined interface, AppLink connectivity, and smartphone compatibility - delivers the results Ford’s been searching for.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video, highlighting the SYNC 3’s voice-recognition functions.


SYNC 3 promises improved infotainment for the road, connecting drivers to hands-free interactions and seamless voice commands. While this system is currently only available in Ford’s 2016 line-up (including the Fiesta, Mustang, and Escape), it should soon expand to other models.

And that, we think, is a very good thing.

To learn more about the SYNC 3 contact us today.

ford bronco dealer new westminster bcFrom 1966 to 1996 the Ford Bronco conquered back-roads and sales charts alike. This four-wheel-drive beast delivered exceptional power, making it the favored choice of both families and adventurers. It was a signature North American SUV - and now... it may be coming back!

According to M Live, Ford is considering revving up production for its beloved Bronco. Rumors have long since persisted about the possible return of this SUV but, until now, they’ve all proven false. Recent sources within the company, however, admit that a mid-size option could soon appear. It would serve as a complement to the current Expedition and Explorer.

This news thrills Bronco fans, including the Key West team. We’ve been clamoring for a new model since ’96 and hope to see these reports come to fruition.

When could this SUV option arrive? Master Herald predicts that a 2019 release is most likely. We have our fingers crossed, however, that less time will be needed to create the proper power.

To learn more about the Bronco contact us today!

classic car show langley cruise in 2015Are you ready for the Cruise-In? Key West Ford certainly is. We’ve revved up our ROUSH line-up and are hurrying toward Langley, where a series of classic and custom cars await!

On September 12th the Langley Cruise-In will begin, connecting drivers to the best of BC’s automotive scene. Expect showcases from Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and more - with all models and all years painstakingly represented. The Key West team will, of course, be there as well, injecting some much-needed ROUSH power into the proceedings. It’s going to be an incredible event.

Want to join us? Get out your calendar and jot down these important details.


20399 Douglas Crescent
Langley, BC V3A 8T4


Free parking available at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Shuttle Services

Free shuttle services available at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Donations Requested

The Langley Cruise-In is a premier automotive event, drawing car clubs from across BC. Key West Ford can’t wait to see what this year has in store - and we also can’t wait to see you!

To learn more about the Cruise-In visit our community calendar or contact us.

Ten years ago Ford introduced the world to its Fusion - a mid-size sedan meant to deliver style, speed, and efficiency. Since that much-lauded debut, the car has become a staple of both North American and international markets. It’s earned countless awards; it’s delivered high sales; and its effect on the auto scene proves undeniable.

What better way to celebrate its anniversary, therefore, than with a giant cake? Watch below as Ford marks the Fusion’s 10th year in a most whimsical way.


The Fusion is one of the most patented (and revered) cars ever released, earning the top position on almost every global chart. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Ford wishes to celebrate its many achievements with a video promotion.

According to the Detroit Free Press, this video will soon expand, with extra footage expected to highlight the vehicle’s history and success.

We can’t wait!

To learn more about the Ford Fusion contact us today.

Ford Delivers SYNC 3 Technology

(Posted on Aug 31, 2015 at 04:13AM by Lee Byard)

Connectivity is the cornerstone of the driver experience. Consumers are plugging in and logging on, bringing their smartphones, tablets, and other devices along every mile. Technology now reigns.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Ford is joining this digital revolution - by offering drivers the new SYNC 3.

This intuitive interface delivers voice-activated tech, connecting consumers to: hands-free calling, music search and control, AppLink, navigation control, and more. Check it out!

With the release of SYNC 3 - which is currently available on Ford’s 2016 line-up, including: the Mustang, the Fiesta, the Escape, the Expedition, and the Transit - drivers receive the seamless results they deserve. This platform builds upon its predecessors, improving overall speed, functionality, and convenience.

Can’t wait to try it out? Schedule a test-drive in a 2016 model today!

Be sure to contact us with any SYNC 3 questions or comments as well.

Ford Follows Josh Cashman During The Busker Grant Experience

(Posted on Aug 31, 2015 at 04:05AM by Lee Byard)

On August 18th, Key West Ford shared the story of Josh Cashman, an Australian singer who received the first Go Further Busker Grant.

This award delivered a unique opportunity: offering the necessary funds to create promotional awareness, as well as secure studio sessions. It was intended to enhance Cashman’s career.  Let’s see if it worked!

Josh Cashman is on the road to success - and Ford is with him, every step of the way. Together the two are making beautiful music and the Go Further Grant is striking all the right chords. The radio world will never be the same!

To learn more about Cashman and his recent singles visit his Facebook page.

And be sure to stay tuned to the Key West blog as we continue to monitor this musical journey.

Check Out Ford’s Testing Process

(Posted on Aug 31, 2015 at 03:57AM by Lee Byard)

The road from the assembly line to the Key West lot is long - and fraught with endless testing procedures. Ford doesn’t merely design its Fusions, F-150s, Fiestas, and Escapes. Instead it puts them through a rigorous series of challenges, each intended to assess durability.

These assessments are famed throughout the automotive world, with critics noting the correlation between extreme temperature testing and overall quality. Ford has created a new engineering standard.

Want to see it in action? Check out this promotion!

Ford demands much from its vehicles - and it verifies that they can meet those demands with a complicated test procedure. It’s created dedicated proving grounds throughout the world to push every engine to the limit.

The Key West team approves.

To learn more about Ford’s testing methods contact us today!

In 2011 Ford devastated North America. The Ranger, it announced, would no longer be available in the United States or Canada. Production would stop, leaving just the F-Series to shape the pick-up market.

To add salt to the proverbial wound, international drivers wouldn’t even share this fate. The Ranger would instead be available throughout Australia, Asia, and other Pacific segments - and so it’s continued for four years, with truck fans lamenting the loss of their compact powerhouse.

A recent promotion from Ford Asia (highlighting the efficiency of the 2015 Ranger) does nothing to ease this loss. The pick-up looks like the perfect off-road option and we’re just masochistic enough to watch the footage.

The 2015 Ford Ranger delivers a 2.5L engine, boasting 175 HP and an enhanced MPG (25 City, 30 Highway). It’s a little pick-up with big potential, and Key West Ford wishes it could roll into our lot.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Ford to change its mind and resume production here.

To learn more about the Ranger contact us today!