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Buying my first car
I visited key west to look at a used truck. Peter was very nice and fixed any problems with the truck so it would be safe and reliable for me, as well as suggested I contact him with any questions and concerns. I would definitely go back because of how nice and reasonable the staff were.
Pleasant experience with sales staff.
Buying a new (or near-new) vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, salesman Robert Klaus was very helpful and treated me fairly. They offered me a very reasonable amount for my trade-in and the financing and insurance arrangements were seamless. The vehicle was detailed and was ready to be driven home in less than an hour. I would recommend Key West to a family member or a friend.
Great service
Great dealership and sales person. Friendly, knowledgeable and not aggressive in the sale at all. Financing was a breeze too. Definitely recommend this place for a purchase
Best service
I bought my car at key west ford in New Westminster. Thank you Carrie and Megan in finance helping me out. If I have any issues there always there to help me out.. I get my answer same day. There always keep in mind. These wonderful ladies treat me and my dog like family. Thank you for everything and I always will come back.????
Great service Great Experience!
My experience at Key West ford was great, the sales team were very knowledgeable and helpful. Id like to extend an extra thank you to Megan Fraser, she definately went above and beyond and made my experience that much better, she took care of all paper work, made sure my car was cleaned and fueled and provided me with an insurance rep right on the spot so i could drive away in my new car that day. Thanks again Megan
2019 Ford Mustang 201A Package
I bought the car before Christmas 2018. Peter helped me through the super easy and smooth process which was then passed on to Michelle, who did the rest of the transaction. I was very excited to have such car because of comfort, style, and the speed. Not to forget the loud engine as if there’s a war on the road when driving a mustang. I don’t have to elaborate into specifics but I love the car. After the transaction, Peter guided me through the technology, seats and modes of driving. Also, he didn’t promise me anything but before the day of purchase, I asked Peter some favours. One of them is the “key west ford” logo on the rear of the vehicle that I didn’t want to have. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Peter provided. Sadly, I lost the car due to an accident which I’m not at fault. I only had the car for less than 7 months but moving on, I look forward on talking to Peter for another brand new mustang!
So helpful! Erick was fantastic.
Erick at Key West Ford was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy at all, showed us all the options we wanted and ended up with an even better car than we expected. Double thumbs up.
Very impressed
I bought a f450 from Ben this past week. Ben and his team went above and beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and they worked hard to meet my needs. I highly recommend them!
Leave it to me.
We like to browse without being pursued, first point given to Jag Dhillon for simply saying, hello I am Jag, is there anything i can help you with. We like space when i shop, and Jag picked up pretty quick, how our personalities worked, and let us come to him with questions on our terms. The end result, we bought a car from him, he was most helpful in answering questions, as well as sharing knowledge.. i would definitely recommend buying a car from Jag Dhillon at Key West Ford. Our, new to us, preowned mini cooper roadster was a great deal, and i feel like the care we got was authentic. Great job!


Thursday 15th Aug 2019


We showed up on a Friday afternoon looked ,drove and chose a vehicle and left the yard . We were contacted hours later met in morning paper crunch and caught the 12:15 ferry out of horseshoe bay in our new van Great work guys

Saturday 10th Aug 2019

"Bought F-350 harley Davidson from Peter Olsen over the phone"

The vehicle was everything Peter said it was and more. Peter handled the entire transaction for me with no issues including transport permits. Very fortunate to have gotten Peter to deal with. Thanks again Peter.

Saturday 10th Aug 2019

"Buying my first car"

I visited key west to look at a used truck. Peter was very nice and fixed any problems with the truck so it would be safe and reliable for me, as well as suggested I contact him with any questions and concerns. I would definitely go back because of how nice and reasonable the staff were.

Thursday 8th Aug 2019

"Pleasant experience with sales staff."

Buying a new (or near-new) vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, salesman Robert Klaus was very helpful and treated me fairly. They offered me a very reasonable amount for my trade-in and the financing and insurance arrangements were seamless. The vehicle was detailed and was ready to be driven home in less than an hour. I would recommend Key West to a family member or a friend.

Tuesday 6th Aug 2019

"Great service "

Great dealership and sales person. Friendly, knowledgeable and not aggressive in the sale at all. Financing was a breeze too. Definitely recommend this place for a purchase

Wednesday 31st Jul 2019

"Best service "

I bought my car at key west ford in New Westminster. Thank you Carrie and Megan in finance helping me out. If I have any issues there always there to help me out.. I get my answer same day. There always keep in mind. These wonderful ladies treat me and my dog like family. Thank you for everything and I always will come back.????

Tuesday 30th Jul 2019

"Great service Great Experience!"

My experience at Key West ford was great, the sales team were very knowledgeable and helpful. Id like to extend an extra thank you to Megan Fraser, she definately went above and beyond and made my experience that much better, she took care of all paper work, made sure my car was cleaned and fueled and provided me with an insurance rep right on the spot so i could drive away in my new car that day. Thanks again Megan

Sunday 28th Jul 2019

"2019 Ford Mustang 201A Package"

I bought the car before Christmas 2018. Peter helped me through the super easy and smooth process which was then passed on to Michelle, who did the rest of the transaction. I was very excited to have such car because of comfort, style, and the speed. Not to forget the loud engine as if there’s a war on the road when driving a mustang. I don’t have to elaborate into specifics but I love the car. After the transaction, Peter guided me through the technology, seats and modes of driving. Also, he didn’t promise me anything but before the day of purchase, I asked Peter some favours. One of them is the “key west ford” logo on the rear of the vehicle that I didn’t want to have. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Peter provided. Sadly, I lost the car due to an accident which I’m not at fault. I only had the car for less than 7 months but moving on, I look forward on talking to Peter for another brand new mustang!

Saturday 27th Jul 2019

"So helpful! Erick was fantastic. "

Erick at Key West Ford was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy at all, showed us all the options we wanted and ended up with an even better car than we expected. Double thumbs up.

Saturday 27th Jul 2019

Erik corra
"Very impressed"

I bought a f450 from Ben this past week. Ben and his team went above and beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and they worked hard to meet my needs. I highly recommend them!

Saturday 27th Jul 2019

"Leave it to me."

We like to browse without being pursued, first point given to Jag Dhillon for simply saying, hello I am Jag, is there anything i can help you with. We like space when i shop, and Jag picked up pretty quick, how our personalities worked, and let us come to him with questions on our terms. The end result, we bought a car from him, he was most helpful in answering questions, as well as sharing knowledge.. i would definitely recommend buying a car from Jag Dhillon at Key West Ford. Our, new to us, preowned mini cooper roadster was a great deal, and i feel like the care we got was authentic. Great job!

Friday 26th Jul 2019

"great Service"

Robert Klaus was a great help. The purchase was extremely simple and well managed. Staff were helpful and attentive. The car was detailed and topped up with fuel when we drive away.

Thursday 25th Jul 2019

Jack Bell
"Great place to buy a car"

Key West Ford is a super dealership. They have a good selection of new vehicles to chose from. And my salesperson, Peter Olson was wonderful to deal with. He was always in helpful mode and worked very hard to ensure that I remained delighted through the price and trade-in negotiation. If you are looking for a new Ford, this is the place to go.

Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019

"Wonderful staff and great selection of cars"

Very honest, accommodating and friendly staff, I received a lot of attention and attentiveness right away. Was recommended to key west ford from a family member and I ended up finding the perfect mustang for myself and for a great price. They went above and beyond to explain to me all the features and even gave their personal experiences with it, would highly recommend everyone to come visit.

Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019

Bryan Ford Taurus
"Great Customer Service"

Jerome was very friendly and accommodating when helping me with issues surrounding the service of my vehicle and with the administrative services he offered me.

Monday 22nd Jul 2019

"Excellent Customer service by Rob Vanoverschot"

Rob was excellent to deal with this past weekend when I came in to purchase my Edge, he explained everything to me and made the car buying experience a great experience. Rob was very honest and walked me through the process and listened to what I wanted and what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Key West Ford and to work with Rob.

Monday 22nd Jul 2019

"Overall great experience"

Purchased an Escape today from Derrick and was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and honesty. This made the decision much easier and more enjoyable. My only complaint is that upper management does not provide the advertised $500 gas gift card with EVERY purchase as advertised on their website (photo attached). There is no mention of stipulations so this was disappointing to see the almost “false advertising”. Overall I would still recommend.

Sunday 21st Jul 2019

"Quick and professional"

Jag was concise. I knew what vehicle i wanted to see. I phoned ahead and he has it ready and waiting for me. Ivan was honest and quick on his determination of my trade-in. Gurj had the numbers out before the computer had finished calculating them . The whole crew was quick, knowledgeable and professional. I knew what i wanted and they had no problem getting it for me. There was no hesitation in anything that they did to make it a fluid and successful process.

Friday 19th Jul 2019

"speedy purchase"

Quick and easy,no wait or down time,helped me get exactly the vehicle I was after.Whole experience was maybe an hour and a half

Wednesday 17th Jul 2019

Raj M
"Best Ford Dealership in the Lower Mainland "

I had the pleasure of doing business with Michael Nokes the sales manager at Key West Ford today. I wanted to personally thank him and recommend him and his team for the excellent service they provide. This is definitely the number 1 Ford dealership in the Lower Mainland. The team at Key West were professional and went above and beyond to advise and assist me with my new purchase. Thank you Michael Nokes and Key West Ford. Raj M

Tuesday 16th Jul 2019

"Great visit "

Jag and Kal were great to deal with! Both were professional and helped me every step of the way when I purchased my new vehicle. I would recommend these guys for sure.

Saturday 13th Jul 2019

"They just care about sales number"

Friday, February the 1st I was driving in the morning towards New Westminster (BC, Canada) and I noticed that the Ford dealer had a 2018 Ford Focus RS Nitrous Blue available. I stopped by just to see how much it would cost etc. etc. I met Dean, the sales person. With him we went for a quick test drive and then we did all the paper work. Unfortunately here is where all the problems started: The car, as you might noticed is not a cheap car, we are talking about a 70k+ Canadian Dollars car… Before the delivery I asked to have the winter tires (included) installed but they told me that they need to order them… At the moment of the delivery (few hrs later) the car was very dirty in the inside and the outside and the odometer had 167km instead of 12 like they posted on the website, but this was only the beginning. During my ride at home I noticed something was wrong, I stopped by a close gas station I noticed that the front real tire was pretty low on pressure (you could visibly see it) so I blow some air and went home. At home, all happy for the brand new car I started looking around and the windshield tank was almost empty. Then I found that the rear back right door wasn’t working. The lock wasn’t locking (not working at all) and the window wasn’t rolling down. So I realized that that car hasn’t been inspected at all. I called the dealer and they told me that they were close at that time (4.50pm) and I had to wait till Monday. I went there back Monday morning, I explained all the issues and they gave me a courtesy car. They mentioned it was a matter of 1-2 days. After 3 days I called them (keep this in mind because they NEVER call me, it’s always me calling them) asking information and they had no idea about what the problem could be and they asked me to call back later. After few hrs I called back in and they said that the problem was a corroded cable in the door. They also told me that the part will take 3 weeks to be delivered. I told them that I just bought a brand new car with the intention to drive it, not to leave it there so the only solution they came with was to lock that door so it will always stay locked. (I’m not even mentioning here how dangerous could this be in case of accident). So I took the car (they mounted the winter tires in the meantime) with the hope that it will take less than 3 weeks. After 4 weeks, once again I called because as said they NEVER call me, and they literally “had no idea where the part is, we wil keep you posted”. Another week passed, I called and they said that the part has been shipped but we don’t see the location yet. Eventually after 8 weeks the part arrived so I asked to drop the car and have it fixed. They asked me to come the next Monday (it was Wednesday) because they didn’t had any courtesy car available. I went in Monday the 1st April in the morning (930am) and they said that this will take 2 days, (3 days top) so by Wednesday I should have my car back fixed. While there I also mentioned 3 things I found out: 1) The security key for the wheel’s bolt was missing (and they used it since they swapped tires) 2) Both the license plate were put in with only 2 screw and both were vibrating like crazy 3) The license plate on the back: they used a long screw that hit the paint and with the vibration took paint off After 4 days I called them to get any info and they told me that the key for the wheels was still missing but that I could have bring the car anyway. I passed by in the afternoon and at the moment of the delivery I noticed that: 1) Both license place weren’t fixed – nobody even took a look at them at all – Ron (the service guy took the car back for 15 min) 2) The door (rear back right) has been mounted what I think wrongly or not in the right way because while driving there’s a noise coming from it all the time 3) When closing that door you can clearly hear a plastic sound, like something is touching the paint / the lock (that sound is not happening on the other 3 doors) 4) That day I was supposed to take the car out in Kelowna (for the weekend) but I had to leave it at home because I don’t have the key to remove the wheels if something happens) – They said “well there’s a Ford road service you can call in case”… 5) While riding the car is not locking itself automatically Now I told them, once again, how disappointed I am about this whole service and I asked few times already to talk with the Sales Manager and with the General Manager. NOBODY ever came to me to talk. Nothing. As per today I’m still waiting for them to call me about the wheel’s key and how to address the door noise. After posted a REAL experience review on google, the guy Tony T (signed as Sales Manager, not listed on their website) titled me as cyber bully, posting basically that I made all of this up etc. etc. (he doesn't even know me and he doesn't even know what happened) Absolutely bad experience and I do not recommend this Company to anyone. Working now with Ford Canada (and my lawyer) to have this resolved once for all.

Friday 12th Jul 2019

"Great helpful personel"

Everything went like clockwork from the pickup at ferry terminal to meeting with pete olson at dealership and finalizing the deal many thanks mike walter

Thursday 11th Jul 2019

"Best experience with a dealership"

Best experience ive had with a car dealership, i felt connected with the people i had the pleasure of working with, very kind and accommodating really felt like they wanted to help me get a good deal.

Thursday 11th Jul 2019

"Outstanding Dealership and People"

Top notch Professionalism and Courtesy displayed by everyone involved in my deal, would recommend to anyone without hesitation, could not be happier with this Outstanding Dealership and People!!

Wednesday 10th Jul 2019

"First Time Purchase "

As first time new car purchasers, my fiancé and I were delighted with the experience of purchasing our new 2018 Ford Escape. Peter made us feel at ease, and let us see a variety of vehicles, even going as far as pulling them out of their parking spots to let us see each and every car in a bit more open area. Peter was kind, light-hearted and didn’t make us feel pressured into making any decisions. He was up front about the previous ownership of the vehicle we decided on, and even printed off the reports for us to keep. When we had further questions, he brought Wes over to meet with us and discuss the vehicle further. It was so nice, being first time buyers, to have a pressure-free and up front conversation about our new purchase. We highly recommend Peter, and the entire Key West team, to help you find your new vehicle!

Monday 8th Jul 2019

"Best Deal Ever"

Friendly people,they set me up with a very nice deal! I‘m able to get everything done in one day!I would go to these guys again

Monday 8th Jul 2019

"Great Experience, Great Deal!"

We arrived just before the dealership was to open and Jag came out and welcomed us in and helped us immediately. He quickly located the vehicle we were looking at and brought it to us. Jag was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We decided on the vehicle and we worked out a great deal. I also wanted to send a thank-you to Ivan and Gurj! Overall we are very happy with our vehicle, very happy with our deal and extremely satisfied with our overall experience. I would have no problem recommending Jag and Key West Ford!

Friday 28th Jun 2019

"Exactly the vehicle we were looking for "

Robert was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the first phone call to his most recent follow up call. We had done our research and were looking for a specific Ford F150 that could pull our fifth wheel trailer. Robert listened carefully and suggested that we come in and see the one used vehicle that met our criteria. Never pushy but friendly and excellent at his job. Wanted to make the deal but willing to negotiate and make sure that we satisfied with the process. Highly recommend Robert to any of my friends and thanks for making the buying experience pleasurable.

Sunday 23rd Jun 2019

Michael M
"Great Experience"

We recently purchased a new Ford Escape and were impressed with the friendly and courteous service. Lino and Wes were very helpful and knowledgeable. They patiently and confidently answered our many questions and guided us through the process with ease. Thank you also to Jeff who promptly assisted us when we returned the next day with a couple of questions when Lino and Wes were not available. Overall, we appreciated the attentive service from all staff from our initial visit through the financing and insurance.

Thursday 20th Jun 2019

"A Splendid Experience"

These guys all really helped me out. Friendly, personable service, fair negotiators, and thorough in the orientation they gave me with my brand new car. They really gave me the attention I needed. Thank you very much fellas. Much appreciated. Keep it up!

Sunday 16th Jun 2019

Denny S
"Great prices and service!"

Everything about my trip to Key West was great, Erick, Ian, Gurj, and Kal were amazing to deal with. Super patient guys with a knack for customer service, never once did I feel like I was at a normal dealership, these guys made the car buying process super easy and not stressful. I would definitely refer family and friends to shop here for a vehicle.

Thursday 13th Jun 2019

"Competitive price and great service "

We did our online research first before we went into the dealer. The sales were very attentive and friendly. We made the purchase on the same day!

Wednesday 12th Jun 2019

"So comfortable and easy!"

These guys are the BEST! My Salesman, Peter was very helpful and not pushy, made my experience so great and easy. 20/10 recommend them to anyone!

Thursday 6th Jun 2019

"2015 Ford Mustang"

Everything about my trip to Key West was great, Peter Olson, Wes Upton & Nicholas Terezakis were amazing to deal with. Super patient guys with a knack for customer service, never once did I feel like I was at a normal dealership, these guys made the car buying process super easy and not stressful.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

"My New Favourite Dealership!"

My boyfriend and I were on the hunt for a new SUV, and we ended up being helped by Rob Vanoverschot. I was nervous about going to a dealership as I'd never purchased off of a lot before - and Rob made the process a breeze! He answered all of our questions and never made us feel pressured at all! We test drove about 6 different makes and models and fell in love with a 2019 Ford Escape. I would highly recommend Rob and Key West Ford, even the financing department and insurance department made this process enjoyable! Not to mention they had the best prices around - and we came all the way out from Abbotsford!

Monday 27th May 2019

"Great Kai and jag were awesome"

Great. Worked with my schedual, very helpful. Got back to me fast about all my questions. And even went out a got a keepsake i forgot in my grade in.

Saturday 25th May 2019

Michael and Monina
"The most seamless car buying experience with Peter Olson!"

It was an awesome experience from the time we walked on the dealer lot to the time we drove home our car. Super friendly Ivan, super helpful Gurj and super salesman Peter!

Friday 24th May 2019

"Ford Edge"

Erick was very friendly and personable and it was a pleasure to do business with him. I would recommend him and Key West if you’re looking for a vehicle.

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Happy with the Flex
"Patient and Kind"

I was extremely happy with most of the folks I spoke with during my time at Key West. It took me 3 days of visiting the dealership to make sure I was making the right decision on the vehicle for my needs and my budget. All staff but one understood that this purchase wasn't an easy one to make within my budget. Peter Olsen, Michael Nokes and Robert Klaus really understood why I needed to take my time and research all my options. I appreciated their kindness and patience and didn't feel at all pressured into the sale.

Thursday 16th May 2019

"Good dealers"

Helpful and honest dealers. Car was well inspected and in advertised good condition. Overall the service was good and the sale was fair. Dean was great!

Thursday 16th May 2019

"F350 truck"

I saw an ad for a F350 at the lot. The truck was not on the lot due to construction. It took a day to get the truck so I could see it. I made a deal and drove it away that afternoon. Happy with the vehicle. Sales person was new to Key West and lacked knowledge of all the options on the truck.

Saturday 4th May 2019

"Over and above "

They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.

Thursday 2nd May 2019

"Honest and Trustworthy Dealership"

There were a few hiccups that came along with our purchase of a pre-owned vehicle but I was impressed with how much effort was taken to remedy the situation and make sure we were feeling great about our purchase. The dealership really went above and beyond to get us in a vehicle that was safe and good quality! Jeff was very attentive both on-site and through follow-up calls, addressing concerns, and doing everything in his power to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend working with Jeff who was easy going, enthusiastic, and kept the process very simple. In the end, we are very happy with our new (to us!) vehicle and I'm glad we went through this journey with Key West Ford and Jeff.

Saturday 27th Apr 2019

"Good experience "

This was one of the best experiences I have had at a dealership. Thanks to Jag, Nick, and Mike for their help getting me into a great vehicle.

Thursday 25th Apr 2019

"Got my dream car with a very good deal"

One of my best experience ever, staff is so kind , also deals are awesome. They helps me a lot to get my dream car within my budget. Big thanks to peter olson.

Thursday 25th Apr 2019

"Honest and a pleasure to wok with."

I bought a used truck which needed a bit of service. Key West Ford did not hesitate to insure the truck lived up to what they promised.

Thursday 25th Apr 2019

David Ang
"Efficient and Courteous!"

I moved to Vancouver from Toronto and was in need of a truck. Pete was able to source one that I was looking for from Alberta and had it delivered quickly and was very communicative in terms of delivery status throughout. He was even kind enough to send me some recommendations for places to go around New West with me being new to the area. Thanks Pete!

Wednesday 24th Apr 2019

"Hard working and helpful staff"

All of the staff at the dealership were very friendly and helpful during my time there. I enjoyed test driving a few of the vehicles available. The dealership is currently under construction which lead to some problems getting a hold of the vehicle I was looking for but my salesman eventually got a hold of it after a long day. All of the issues I had with the new vehicle I purchased were dealt with promptly and professionally.

Sunday 21st Apr 2019

"Great experience!"

Was looking to trade in my vehicle and found a mustang I really wanted. Staff worked with me to find an outcome that was a win-win for both parties. Would definitely reccomend.

Sunday 21st Apr 2019

The Elliotts
"Great dealership!"

After a hiccup yesterday, my hubby and I purchased a 2018 ford escape and couldn't be happier! Peter Olson was very helpful in getting us what we needed and from his history of selling vehicles, it was nice to be able to put our full trust in him and know that he was efficient! The financing manager and insurance broker that we dealt with, were also very fast and efficient in getting the job done!

Saturday 20th Apr 2019

"Excellent customer service "

Peter the person i met at ford during the service of my previous vehicle who helped me in purchasing my dream vehicle the 2019 Ford Mustang which i am Loving. Excellent dealership with the best team onboard.

Friday 19th Apr 2019

Jay c
"Made buying a breeze"

Bought a sti from kai, very helpful guy and helped me made a deal within my budget. No pressure at buying at all. Would recommend him

Wednesday 17th Apr 2019

"Good customer service"

Was very happy with my experience at key west ford. I went to many different dealerships and this is the only dealership that did not feel like they were trying to rip me off.

Wednesday 17th Apr 2019

"Needed a truck on a budget, got more than I bargained for."

Stopped in to check if they had a truck I looked at online a few weeks ago. When we went to take it for a test drive it had the tow package I needed. I drove it off the lot a little over an hour later. Thanks guys!

Tuesday 16th Apr 2019

"Awesome service"

'These guys quickly narrowed down what I needed and within a couple of days I was driving away in the perfect truck and great price

Monday 15th Apr 2019

"Another amazing experience!!"

A huge thank-you to Rob and his team, for once again going above and beyond the call of duty. I have recommended Rob Vanoverschot and KeyWest New Westminster to many friends and family already. From the amazing customer service, to the airport pickup, to the directions back home, I want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart. You have made the whole buying experience a sensational one!! Even though we live in Prince George, we will only buy from KeyWest (and Rob) in the future. Highly recommended!!!

Thursday 11th Apr 2019

"Very happy :)"

Jag showed me a Ford C Max energi with amazing features and was super helpful with all of my questions. I also spoke with Nick who was very accommodating and all around helpful as well. I had a great experience going through this dealership and would definitely recommend it to others.

Monday 8th Apr 2019

Ervin loci
"Perfect selsman jeff upton"

I bought new car it was good experience working with JEFF UPTON he made sure to fine the best car the best price he helped me a lot with everything very good guy very friendly if someone looking too get nice car nice price Jeff is the man he is the best thank you again

Sunday 7th Apr 2019

"No pressure, low stress experience, thank you Peter Olson"

Thank you Peter Olson for making our purchase of a like new 2017 Jeep Renegade enjoyable! Peter provided answers to all our questions in an honest and genuine way, we were provided with a relaxed and comfortable test drive that allowed us to thouroughly check out our potential new vehicle. Throughout the process we never felt pressured or rushed! Once we made our decision we took the walk to the buisiness office where Michelle continued to make our experience positive, we were given information and options and Michelle worked with us to maximize our value and stay within our budget! Best experience buying a used car ever! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,!

Saturday 6th Apr 2019

"You are the best"

Your service is excellent. I can see you're going to be a good leader. If i need another vehicle,I'll definitely come back to you.(sorry i click the wrong name,There are two Mikes.....)

Thursday 4th Apr 2019

"Excellent service"

They are very professionally knowledgable and good service! They have many inventory and it gave me lots option to select and I got my favorit truck!

Wednesday 3rd Apr 2019

Lisa L.
"Exactly what I was looking for"

A brief description over text, of what I had in mind for my next car, that's all it took. The two cars Peter Olson showed me had all I expected and more. The price was surprisingly lower than I had found in ads online. There was no pressure on decision making, the salesman answered all my questions. After the second test drive, I knew that's my car. When all was done, I had 2 cars to drive home, and Peter arranged for someone to drive the second car for me. I am very happy about my one stop shop at Key West Ford.

Wednesday 3rd Apr 2019

"Van Mom picked out. "

Was impressed with quality of service with an over the phone/internet deal. All parties stepped up to the plate showing true integrity and honor. I appreciated how they accommodate my timeline and made this a simple transaction with no headaches. Immediately drive the vehicle up to Vanderhoof the following day without a hicup. Pleasure doing business with these folks and would highly recommend them anytime!!! 👍

Tuesday 2nd Apr 2019

"Great deal"

I waited for so long but for the reason that they are looking for the best option that can fit my budget, and i was a good deal!

Monday 25th Mar 2019

Valerie J
"Great experience on buying my car!"

Excellent service from Robert Vanoverschot! He made sure that I had all the information I needed about my car! I would recommend Key west Ford and Rob to anyone looking for buying a new car! Overall experience with Key West Ford has always amazing!

Monday 18th Mar 2019

"Top-notch service"

I absolutely recommend the Key West Ford service to anyone who wants to get a car. They offer a high standard of service. The manpower of this firm is immensely awesome and they are extremely attentive and enlightened especially, Jag helped me to choose the pertinent vehicle according to my budget and Michelle helped me throughout the documentation process and it was such a great experience for me. Thanks a million, Jag and Michelle.

Friday 15th Mar 2019

Tom B
"Used truck purchase "

The salesman and other staff were friendly knowledgeable and efficient. Would recommend the dealership. I got a good deal and the selection was outstanding. I live on Vancouver Island and the price was better here.

Friday 8th Mar 2019

"Fantastic dealer!"

From first contact to the end, it was a smooth and awesome experience at Key West Ford. I inquired to the sales rep Kai through AutoTrader the day before about a 2008 Jeep Patriot. Within hours I got a response, and we scheduled a test drive next day. Following day Kai was awesome and texted me his ETA to the dealership, and made sure I was taken care of before I even came in. The test ride was smooth, and I loved the car and price. The finance rep Gurj was also fantastic, worked around some technicalities with the financing and got me on the road in no time. Within a few hours, everything was sealed and I drove home with the Jeep. Thank you Kai, Gurj, and everyone else who took care of me today. I appreciate the transparency, friendliness, and professionalism from everyone.

Tuesday 5th Mar 2019

"Great service from Pete & Brian"

We bought two used cars, one from Brian and one from Peter. Both took their time to search for the right car and we went with each car on a test drive.

Monday 4th Mar 2019

"Best dealership "

Peter Olson was very helpful with everything took his time to explain and show all. Management team was remarkable. This place is a friendly and amazing place to be. Recommend to everyone that want to have a amazing experience like myself.

Friday 1st Mar 2019

"2018 Ecosport "

Great service from the staff a Key West Ford. I was surprised to pick up vehicle with a fill tank of fuel alot of dealerships don't do this anymore.

Saturday 23rd Feb 2019

Search over !!!
"Going above and beyond to satisfy"

Peter, while on his day off (what salesperson ever has a day off LOL) spent the entire day trying to find the best fit for us in a used vehicle. After shovelling many cars covered in a foot of snow, we realized that Peter was willing to shovel the whole lot if we could find what we were looking for. What really impressed us was not only his knowledge of the vehicles and the new technology but his desire to find us the vehicle best suited to our needs. Peter helped us narrow down the search and test drive suitable vehicles till we found this comfortable and economical vehicle with more options than we asked for. All the staff involved in our search were friendly, courteous and very helpful

Friday 22nd Feb 2019

"Buying a truck from Key West Ford was a positive experience."

Buying our used truck from Key West Ford turned out to be a hassle free experience for my wife and me. The sales person, Jag Dhillon, and the two managers, Ivan Matulik and Michael Nokes, were professional, courteous and friendly. We encountered no high pressure sales tactics. We also were appreciative of the fact that Ivan allowed us to take the truck to our own mechanic for an inspection and appraisal. The vehicle was more than fairly priced and was in excellent mechanical shape. Their detail crew had the 2010 F150 looking like new. We would have no problem recommending Key West Ford to others.

Friday 22nd Feb 2019

"Review of sale service"

I had an exceptional experience dealing with the whole team at key west Ford, especially Jag and Nicholas T. They went above and beyond to help us get our new vehicle!! I would recommend to others for sure.

Saturday 9th Feb 2019

Martin Wade
"Excellent customer service"

Peter was an ideal salesman. He was friendly, helpful and put us under no pressure. We got a great deal on exactly the right car.

Monday 28th Jan 2019

"excellent customer service"

i googled vehicles, found a truck i was interested in and emailed dealer info request. salesman got back to me next day. went for a test drive and told them i love the truck. they washed, fueled, and did the spay bed liner before i was even ready to pick up!! i was very impressed with the efficiency!! a big thanks to Nick who was able to finance, Ivan the manager and Peter the salesman. would def recommend to friends and family looking to buy vehicle. I love my new truck!

Thursday 24th Jan 2019

BC, Joy W.
"Peter, Ben and Nick Helped me to Get My Dream Car!"

Mustang has been my dream car since high school, finally got it owing to the help from Peter, Ben, and Nicholas. I contacted several Ford dealers at the same time and Ben was the first one who replied to me. I was very surprised because it was 11 pm. At least I knew he cared about his business and wanted to get the sale. So I visited them first. Peter was really patient and knowledgable. He showed me all my options both new & used. I immediately knew what I exactly wanted after the first visit. One thing I really appreciate is he was not pushy at all. I got to visit different dealers to see more options but eventually, I chose Key West because, of course, I love the car he recommended, also, Ben and Peter made me feel they will still be happy to help after selling the car to me, will not just simply ignore the aftersale service. Nick helped me to make the financing easy. They care and they help. No more words, highly recommended!

Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019

Ken J
"Great service!"

We had the unfortunate need to have our van replaced due to an accident. Flynn had a replacement van in stock and we were back on the road very quickly. The van was ready on time as promised.

Thursday 17th Jan 2019

"Buying used Ford F-150 "

We received great service from Peter and he gave us lots of time to make our decision on buying the right truck. He even got the price down a little for us.

Thursday 17th Jan 2019

Nissan Truck
"Appreciate the value add"

We appreciated the telephone information provided by Jeff Upton when we were inquiring about a used truck. We needed to determine whether it had the heavy duty towing capabilities that we needed. Jeff went out of his way to do some digging to determine the vehicle's tow capacity and he provided helpful information that we could use to assess other vehicles as we continued our search. That vehicle didn't work out but we subsequently came in to look at another and was served by Peter Olson. He did a great job on intro and test drive, and again, did some backchecking with Nissan to determine if this vehicle had a factory installed tow package. We felt that the negotiation and pricing was fair and we didn't get the high pressure sales tactics that I hate so much. When we came back to pick up the vehicle the next day, Peter had gone out of his way to have the tow hitch, which was really rusty, painted! A real value-add and a pleasant surprise. Nick was great to deal with for the contract signing, very pleasant.

Wednesday 16th Jan 2019

"Promised great service and delivered."

Shopping a used sporty SUV for my wife met with Robert Klaus who did a great job on intro and test drive. Came back next day and completed the deal with Micheal and Michelle in finance. Peter Olson worked with Robert behind the scenes coordinating the whole adventure. Painless process, friendly low pressure easy to deal with folks. the whole team came out to see my wife off in her new car including all the management team and the owner himself, all stood there in the pouring rain to watch her drive away! Highly recommend Robert and Peter if youre out car shopping. old fashioned personal service gets it done.

Friday 11th Jan 2019

Dário Zumerle
"My experience at Key West Ford"

I will share here my experience with Key West Ford. I have spent more than 7 hours with Mr. Peter olson (salesman), he was incredibly patient with me, showed me more than 12 possibilities of vehicles (in my budget). After we pick some cars he took me to do 5 test drives with the vehicles what really helped me so much on my choice. Today I just pick up my car at Key West Ford just all clean (little issues on the vehicle were fixed just as promissed to me) and with fuel only for me to drive. I would like to thank Mr Peter Olsen and Key West Ford Team. Thank you so much. Dário Zumerle

Friday 11th Jan 2019

"Great service and price"

Jeff spent a long time with us and was very friendly and patient without being pushy. We purchased a used car, and on delivery he noticed a warning light in the dash. The dealership took care of it promptly. After driving for a few weeks we’re very happy with our car. Highly recommended!

Sunday 16th Dec 2018

"Friendly, honest and fast."

Sasha was great to deal with. He was informative, friendly and fun to deal with. He wasnt pushy at all. They were fair about pricing and the whole process was easy and quick. Nicholas who did my fianancing was a pleasure to deal with and I would have to say overall this was the best experience buying a new vehicle I have had.

Saturday 15th Dec 2018

"Outstanding Customer Service & Popcorn"

From the second I pulled into the parking lot the experience started... I was greeted as soon as I exit my vehicle and was shown vehicles that I was interested in... Customer Service is key for me and when I didn't received it to my standards at another dealership which was closer to home, I decided to try Key West Ford... I am happy to say that I made a smart decision and needless to say I left with a new vehicle that I'm very happy with... If you are looking for a new vehicle I highly recommend Key West Ford...

Wednesday 12th Dec 2018

"Organized and Quick"

Second time buying a new truck with the guys at Key West Ford. I'm a busy person and they worked hard while I was unavailable to finalize my truck purchase. Peter Olson worked especially hard for me and I received what I asked for. Thank you!

Wednesday 12th Dec 2018

"The salesman was nice"

I was so pleased with my experience here. I had my kids with me and it could have been worse. Arash was lovely to deal with. I didn’t feel like the manager really got us.

Wednesday 12th Dec 2018

"Great Better then before. Keep the good work up."

It was a great pleasure to have a sales person care about me as a client. The other workers at Keywest Ford were very present to deal with too. In the past the after care service was not good. Keywest has change for the the better. Sales people like Peter Olson are need in the car sales industry. Peter went above and beyond to make my experience to be a great one. I would recommend if you are look for a vehicle to go see Peter at Keywest ford. The team members At Keywest ford were very different to deal with compared to my last few experiences. The new team were great. Keep the good work up.

Tuesday 11th Dec 2018

" Excellent customer service! "

Highly recommend Peter Olsen for sales. Super helpful and very authentic. Definitely one of my best experiences thus far. Thank You, Peter! Sincerely Joeleen Toback

Sunday 9th Dec 2018

"very good service"

I bought the truck by phone after finding it on line. Everyone there was very helpful once I got there. Robert Klaus is excellent and does great follow up to answer any questions.

Tuesday 4th Dec 2018

"Key West purchase"

The sales staff were not pushy,when a decision was made everything went quickly , and they were helpful in getting me back to the dealership to pick up the truck

Monday 3rd Dec 2018

"Pleasant Experience"

Sasha was very helpful from the start. He went above and beyond our expectations. Purchasing our car was an overall pleasant experience. I highly recommend him.

Friday 30th Nov 2018

Jordan and Dana
"Sasha went well above and beyond the norm"

On several occasions Sasha Ruban took part of his time off and devoted it to helping us in every way possible to ensure we ere happy with our purchase of a used vehicle. I will recommend him to anyone looking for a new or used car. Thanks again for your help Sasha

Wednesday 28th Nov 2018

"sasha is very knowledgeable prfessional and courteous "

I was very surprised to see how quick i was approved for financing and how cheap the paymetns are. The staff sre very uofront and straight forward with you they are very understing of eceryones individual situation

Wednesday 28th Nov 2018

"Best in the biz!"

Sasha Ruban will provide the best car buying experience you could ever fathom. He is well experienced and extremely passionate about what he does! Am going back to Sasha for the future!

Tuesday 27th Nov 2018

Chris G
"Pretty Good So Far"

I purchased a 2017 Taurus SHO on Oct 20. Whole transaction from test drive to driving off the lot with my new car, was relatively painless. Only issue was a missing owners manual, which they said they would find and mail to me. A few days later, I received a call from Michael Nokes (an excellent sales mgr), stating that they could not find it and ordered a new one for me. Awesome. A month later, I finally had enough of the waiting and called them again wondering why I hadn't received it. "Oh... it just came in". Riiiiight... LOL. Regardless, I am happy. The only other issue I have is that, I was told my car came with Ford Pass. It does not. The Fusion Sport I was also interested in, did. So a little (a lot) disappointed about that, but I think the salesman was new and didn't know all the features that the different models have. The Taurus (even my SHO), does NOT come with Ford Pass. Sigh. My only other complaint is with the financing. I read on their website of rates at 4 or so percent. I was given a rate of almost 7 %. As a federal employee with 30 years service in law enforcement and nearly no mortgage, and NO other debt, I expected better. A call and email to Michelle inquiring about this, garnered no response, so I took it upon myself to call Coast Capital Savings and today signed a contract for 4.25% .......much better! Car has so far performed excellent. As for service, too soon to tell. I have not reached the mileage required for an oil change etc. Overall, I am happy with Key West and would recommend them to others.

Tuesday 27th Nov 2018

"Painless car purchase"

Jeff Upton and the team at Key West Ford Sales were great to deal with. They were super helpful and responsive to all questions, and went the distance to make a deal. There was no pressure at any point along the way. I have bought cars before and often came away feeling somehow fleeced....NOT the case here.

Sunday 25th Nov 2018

"Jag was very professional and knowledgeable. "

Jag was very professional. He listened to what i wanted and helped me find my new suv. He answered all my questions in a manner i could understand. It was stress free . Thank you

Friday 23rd Nov 2018

"Genuine service, great people"

I was looking for a used car with a tight budget and found the ad from Key West Ford online. I called the place and Robert answered. He gave me basic information about the car and sent me all the documents (car proof etc.) via email within 5 minutes. I booked a test drive and I brought a mechanic friend with me so he can check the car for me. My mechanic friend threw tons of questions regarding the car and Robert was able to answer all which showed how knowledgeable he was. Everything looked good and the car was in good condition but the price was still a bit over my budget. However, Robert really tried his best so I can get the car within my budget. Robert and a sales manager, Wes were very genuine and professional. I got the car I wanted for a very good deal. My experience there was amazing and I will absolutely recommend this place!!

Thursday 22nd Nov 2018

"Greatest Apple Pie Ever "

This a great place to buy a car they were very warm and welcoming I would recommend buying a car from them again people at this dealership help you in many different ways they go out of their way to make sure that you get the best deal ever

Monday 19th Nov 2018

"Thank you "

Sales and service visit. One lead to another and Peter O and management were very helpful with the situation I was in. I appreciate all that they did for me.

Thursday 8th Nov 2018

"Peter Olson at Key West Ford is a Rock Star!"

Pete had really taken care of us from start to finish; this is the first vehicle my partner and I had purchased together and he had made the process so easy for us while taking the time to ease our minds for such a big decision. All considered, finding Pete at Key West was the best case scenario after months of searching in the proverbial shark tank that you would find at any other place. Peter and Key West Ford as a whole have been stellar at providing top quality service, I would definitely recommend Peter and his team to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle with peace of mind. His dealership has everything in house from financing to insurance whereas we could take our new baby home on the same day! There were a few items noted after the sale that Pete happily and speedily addressed that reassured us we are in good hands for years to come. Thank you Pete, Michelle and Wes; you all have truly been Rock Stars!

Wednesday 7th Nov 2018

"New lease vehicle - amazing experience!"

Huge thanks to the team at Key West Ford! This is my second lease (first one 4 years ago) and they knocked it out of the park again. Really easy to deal with & no BS, just really straightforward and honest. Being a single female this type of purchase can easily be intimidating and/or difficult but Peter Olson and the team (Mike & Michelle) made it seamless and left me feeling confident about my purchase. Thank you!

Wednesday 7th Nov 2018

"Great place"

Bought a Ford Escape Titanium and was one of the best car buying experiences I have had. At 72 years old I have had a few. Great dealership, was never under any pressure to buy or make a deal, Peter Olson was very knowledgable on the vehicles I was looking at and Wes Upton was great to deal with. It was friendly and quickly finalized. All in all a totally super place to deal with.

Tuesday 6th Nov 2018

"Repeat Customer"

My wife and I have now each bought 2 cars each from Key West in the last 9 years. Great experience dealing with this dealership.

Monday 5th Nov 2018

"Fantastic charismatic no pressure "

Allan sold me a gently used honda the other day. This guy really wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. I felt he was totally looking out for my best interest and and he went way out of his way to do so from the umbrellas (cause it was raining) to the hot coffee to warm us up.. as well as getting me a really good deal on my car with minimal haggling. He really wants you to have the car at the best deal possible and I was more than happy with his service.. when I was ready to except the deal..he said "I'll get you out of here and driving your new car in 45 mins"!! .. and sure enough I was out of there 45 minutes later I was on my way home. It was a real pleasure dealing with Allan and I hope hes around next time I wanna upgrade.

Wednesday 31st Oct 2018


No xxxxxxxx salestalk. It's a very welcoming place and the salesmen (Peter & Lino) were simply the best. My buying experience is as smooth as it should be...

Friday 26th Oct 2018

I’m a very Happy Customer!!
"Key West Ford"

this is not my first visit here &’that’s because of the excellent service!! I would highly recommend a visit here before going elsewhere for your vehicle!!

Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018

"The best choice "

When I told Alan what I want and what was my financial condition he introduced me the best fit. A beautiful Mustang that I am extremely happy with . You can trust Alan.

Monday 22nd Oct 2018

"Best sales experience with Peter Olson ever!"

Peter Olson is the best sales person we have ever dealt with!He gave us all the information required to make a knowing decision on our vehicle. He did not have the vehicle we were looking for at first within our price range and kilometres. He kept us in the loop while he searched and found us our 2017 Ford Escape SE AWD which we love. It took weeks to find us what we were looking for but it was worth the wait! We would not hesitate to recommend Peter Olson to our friends, family, and anyone who reads this. He is very honest and went above and beyond for us. Top Shelf!

Sunday 21st Oct 2018

"Great Service"

Great Customer Service by Peter Olson. Went extra mile to help. And Nick at Finance was also friendly, fast and efficient! Family has been going there for years.

Sunday 21st Oct 2018

Paul and Mary Welbers
"Very happy with service "

This is the second time we bought a vehicle here and as always we were satisfied with the huge help and there service. Peter Olson was very helpful and listened to what we were looking for. We were very comfortable with him. He answered our concern and really take above and beyond to find what we were looking for. We are very happy with our new truck and pretty we will come back here again.

Sunday 21st Oct 2018

Jaskaran Singh
"Professional and polite salesperson"

This dealership was top notch! Mr. Olson went above and beyond to make sure I purchased the car I was most comfortable with. He gave me suggestions and his advice, but was in no way pushy what-so-ever. After I decided on a Chevrolet Malibu the process is quick and professional. I felt like family by the end of the whole process! I would recommend this dealership and Peter Olson in particular as he is the best Salesman I've ever met.

Friday 19th Oct 2018

Dave Fitzgerald
"Sales person Robert Klaus is FIVE STAR"

Robert Klaus is a professional. I felt like he answered all of my questions with honesty. Being able to purchase, register and insure the vehicle all in one location is convenient and saves time and money. Also, while I was there I purchased a part for my other vehicle from their large service department. They had the item in stock where all the other providers had to order it in.

Thursday 18th Oct 2018

"Great friendly dealership"

Super friendly dealership, huge inventory of used cars, you will have no problem finding what you’re looking for. Dealt with Peter Olson who is a sales guy and he was awesome, super friendly and probably the least pushy sales guy I’ve ever met which was nice.

Wednesday 17th Oct 2018

"Best dealer "

Best sales person in Canada. Has full knowledge about each and every car. I would recommend each and every friend of mine to go to him and buy a car. Loved my experience working with him. Good job sir!

Tuesday 9th Oct 2018

Kevin & Dennette
"Thank you Allan Prpic, weel done !!"

Allan did an amazing job representing the dealership and his industry. As one who has been to many dealerships through the decades this experience was the best I/we have had. No pressure, no talking over us or our suggestions, only working towards finding a solution that would meet the family’s needs. Allan has set high bar for sale persons to follow; respectful, industry knowledge, courteous, and most of all his mannerism throughout the process were all why a sale was made. We could have bought a car anywhere, but we purchased it here from Allan Prpic. Thank you, Allan it is because of your qualities Dennette’s father now has a vehicle that will last him for many years and give us piece of mind when he is out and about. Kevin and Dennette

Sunday 7th Oct 2018

Great 1
"Great service , great people from sales rep ,Allen , up"

Great service and people from Tony in service , Allan in sales , Gurg in financing. Everyone is always very helpful and accommodating. Allan was super honest and got me a super deal , exactly what I was looking for and very helpful with things I didn't understand

Saturday 6th Oct 2018

"Professional & efficient"

Peter Olson was a great person to deal with. He was very accommodating & always willing to help even after the sale was finalized. I've dealt with many sales personnel in my life but none as helpful as Peter Olson. Great job.

Saturday 6th Oct 2018

Outstanding Performance by Jag !
" Excellent service by all at Key West ford "

Thanks to Key West Ford in having Jag Dhillion To assist me in purchasing the truck. Jag was so accommodating and professional thank you very much and I love my truck Regards Trevor Reid

Tuesday 2nd Oct 2018

Happy Ford Owner
"Rewarding Experience "

Key West Ford’s sales team ( my main contact Peter Olson) were a pleasure to deal with when I recently went looking to replace my 8 year old F150 pick up. Peter was very thorough in showing and explaining the dealerships new and pre owned vehicles as well as what new vehicles were available at other lower mainland dealers. I left the dealership to think about my options returning a few days later and purchased a great 1 year old ,well optioned pick up , exactly what I was looking for ! I’d like to thank Peter for answering all my questions on comparisons between different models,options,new or pre- owned, I’d also like to thank Michelle for making the “ paper work “ very easy to get through.

Monday 24th Sep 2018

"Qucik and professional."

We had a pleasure to work with the Key West Ford sales team, very professional approach and quick solution. Special thanks to Anson Song for a hard work and great deal !!!... Fully recommended

Friday 21st Sep 2018

"Used Forester XT"

Thank you For giving me a great deal on this used vehicle. In addition, all of the staff was very polite and well mannered. Dealership worth looking at!

Thursday 20th Sep 2018

"Amazing service"

Jag answered for every question I asked, was polite and really helped in choosing the right options. Thanks to him and the rest of the staff of Key West Ford I can finally enjoy a new truck.

Sunday 16th Sep 2018

"Highly recommend! "

Jag was extremely helpful and worked hard to get us the car we wanted for the budget we had. He was flexible and didn’t pressure us to buy. We had a great experience at the dealership and appreciated the honesty. Next time we need a car we will be back!

Thursday 6th Sep 2018

"Excellent sales customer service experience "

Lino Corcuera is very helpful and kind. This is the second time Lino help us to find a car that suitable for my family. We always received an excellent sales customer service from Lino. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for Lino and Nicholas Terezakis is very accommodating and kind too.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Monday 3rd Sep 2018

Miss Ashleigh

If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would! Excellence all around. Informative, friendly and accommodating. Thank you Allan and the Key West team!

Monday 3rd Sep 2018

"Great service in new suv in 3 dys from trade in"

Highly recommend Key West Ford as your next trip to getting a new /used vehicle, fast efficient and very helpfull , Thanks personnally to Jag, Ivan,Michelle and Nicholas I will be back for future service to KEY WEST FORD 10/10 :-)

Thursday 30th Aug 2018

"Best car buying experience I’ve had"

We just purchased a new F350 from Key West Ford, I’ve bought a lot of vehicles in the past and they were by far the best dealership I’ve dealt with. Our salesman Pete Olson went out of his way to make the experience hassle free. Can’t say enough. Thanks Pete, Wes, Gurj and Kelvin. Job well done.

Thursday 30th Aug 2018

T. Ro.
"Quick and easy"

We purchased an 07 Navigator Through Jag Dhillon. Dealing with Jag was a pleasure and he hepled us get a great deal on our vehicle. I will definetly recommend Jag and Keywest to all my friends and family.

Tuesday 21st Aug 2018

"Easiest transition into a new vehicle ever!!"

Allan made the experience seamless. Was friendly and very efficient. Kept the process moving smoothly when dealing with the financial department and the insurance department. Will definitely be recommending Key West Ford and Allan to any friends I know who are looking to get themselves into a new vehicle. Thank you team Key West Ford

Monday 30th Jul 2018

"Great service"

Staff was helpful and patient with us in the decision making process. We are very satisfied with our new vehicle and appreciated the hassle-free buying experience.

Sunday 29th Jul 2018

"2016 Ford Expedition"

On July 28 bought Ford Expedition 2016 Platinum,I strongly recommend this Dealer.They took excellent care of us and I giving us all the different options we have according to our budget. They work with us to find what payment could fit with our needs and financial abilities. price meeting our request. I thank Michael,sales manager for his friendliness, patience and honesty. I thank Eric Yapp attitude and honesty motivated my wife and I so much that we finally bought the car and we do love the car. Thanks also to the Finance manager Nicholas Terezakis for his support and the good deal. Thanks a lot, Ivan

Wednesday 25th Jul 2018

Renato Eiras
"Great deal on my Elantra GT hatchback"

I got a good deal on my Elantra gt hatchback. Jag was super nice and showed me everything about the cars I liked. Got a good car on my budget. Also all the staff were super nice. I highly recommend key west ford.

Saturday 21st Jul 2018

"Excellent Service"

Went in looking for my first car, came out with an awesome deal today. Peter took the time and effort to help me out to make sure I got the car that I wanted. Michelle did a great job with the financing of the vehicle. Both of you two did an amazing job and I thank you for you help today!

Saturday 14th Jul 2018

"Easy going, not pushy and personable"

Allan was great! He knew that my wife and I were interested in purchasing a Pre owned vehicle and was instrumental in helping us find what we were looking for. He listened to our needs, instead of telling us what we wanted to hear. He was personable and friendly. We never felt pressured into purchasing something that didn’t fit our needs. I would highly recommend Allen to anyone who is looking for a great experience during a car search. His knowledge is second to none and his attitude is great!

Thursday 12th Jul 2018

"Great Service"

Bought my first car today with, Jeff Upton. He answered all my questions and helped me find the perfect SUV. Michael Nokes was also there helping Jeff out and explaining what to look for in a used car and the pros and cons that come with it. Great to deal with, very friendly and kind, Michelle and Nick helped me with financing and they were great, and patient with me. Answered all my questions and concerns with detail. Loved them, so kind and so friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my first major purchase!

Sunday 8th Jul 2018

"Purchase car "

Jag was super help full and well knowable of the cars he did great job to explain everything and at the end help to set up Bluetooth and navigation system I am really thankful to Jag for this experience Great service and for sure will come back afin

Monday 2nd Jul 2018

"Great sales and communication"

I bought a used 2016 mustang gt just recently from Lino. He was very helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. I also spoke in great length with Michael Nokes the sales manager. He was easy to get along with and a general overall nice guy. I would definitely recommend key west ford to anyone looking for a brand new or used ford. Lino didn’t pressure me into buying that first day I arrived. You will feel comfortable dealing with him and Michael nokes.

Monday 25th Jun 2018

"Excellent service and follow through"

We were window shopping for a new vehicle in the near future. Tom showed us exactly what we wanted and made the deal happen today. We are exceptionally happy with his service and would recommend friends and family go see him at Key West Ford!

Monday 25th Jun 2018

"Review "

Very helpful, knowledgeable staff that made it easy to decide on a vehicle. We are happy with the experience and would definitely recommend this dealership.

Wednesday 20th Jun 2018

Change is a good thing
"Best attention to my needs & very respectful 😊"

Jag and the team are very hospitable. They all made me feel as tho’ I was their guest. I was lucky that they had exactly what I needed in the lot and I was given the best deal I could have hoped for. Thank you, Jag !

Monday 18th Jun 2018

"Very good"

We went to the dealership and found a car we liked, our dealer was Jag Dhillon and he sold me an amazing car and we were able to negotiate a good price. Would recommend

Monday 18th Jun 2018

Nitin Sachar
"Got a great 2018 F150"

Very happy to deal with Jag. Got a new F150 at a great deal and he was able to close the deal within minutes. The truck was courtesy detailed and he made sure I had no questions before I left the dealership. Would deal with the dealership again in the future.

Saturday 16th Jun 2018

"Fantastic deal and service on purchasing used vehicle"

I was looking for good quality used car for my daughter who is attending University. Found car that she liked in excellent condition at Key West Ford dealership in New Westminster. Received fantastic deal from Jag who followed through with a minor servicing item before delivery. Jag was courteous to our family and pleasure to deal with. We appreciated keeping us apprised of detail and items through follow up. Great and friendly dealership of which I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a car to purchase.

Friday 15th Jun 2018

"No pessure!"

Was a nice day a good deal and will go back in the near for another good deal! Had a nice follow up and much liked. Murray and Judy foley

Friday 15th Jun 2018

"Helpful and Courteous "

Informative and helpful, no hassle with being able to test drive various vehicles and get a feel for differences, etc. Accommodating to help make sure we got everything we were looking for in a vehicle

Tuesday 12th Jun 2018

"Great experience"

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Key West. Ivan and Allan answered all my questions and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Love my new truck and the great service I received. Thanks Ralph

Tuesday 12th Jun 2018

Param Saini
"Awesome team of people...!!"

Every single person of this dealership is so outstanding in his work. Thanks jag for getting me my dream car...!!#Mustang 2018 Fastest dealing ever!!!:)

Saturday 9th Jun 2018

"Great experience"

I just purchased a new truck from Key West. Robert Vanoverschot and Ivan Matulik actually made the process a pleasure. They listened to what I wanted, showed me some options across various price points, and then worked to get the perfect vehicle for me. No pressure, no up-sale, honest and I walked out knowing I got a good deal.

Friday 8th Jun 2018

"Nothing less than awesome! "

Allan helped me out so much and went way out of his way to make sure that by the time I got to the dealership everything was ready to go after choosing my car, I couldn't be happier with the service and the product! Thank you so much for everything I'll be recommending you to everyone I know trying to get into a vehicle!

Tuesday 5th Jun 2018

"Ecosport Purchase"

Allan helped us with getting the Ecosport and both my wife and I had a great experience with Allan he is easy to talk to and helpful. Luis

Sunday 3rd Jun 2018

"first car buy"

helpful and understanding, willing to do what it takes to get you out the door happy. Made our offer work, insurance guy was harder to talk with but overall experience was very good

Saturday 2nd Jun 2018


Not pushy at all, was a great experience, recommend everyone to deal with Allan, super friendly nice guy!! Overall all the staff were easy and friendly to deal with!! Doesn’t compare to other car lots, and my wife buys a new vechicle every few years!!

Friday 1st Jun 2018

Hillyer, Tammy
"Great Customer Service"

Bought a new F150 truck and had a wonderful experience! Our sales rep was very knowledgeable. We would recommend Key West Ford Sales to everyone. Thank you!

Thursday 31st May 2018

"Looking for one car and bought 2"

Allan was super great to deal with. No pressure at all. We went in with an idea of what we wanted and Allan was able to show us other options that satisfied our needs. Great job as a salesman. We are happy with our purchases and look forward to going to Key West again if we are in the market again. Allan was patient and never pushy. Would recommend him to others who are in the market.

Tuesday 29th May 2018

"Positive experience at Key West Ford"

Jag was great to work with. He took the time to understand what I was looking for and provided the best options. He was never pushy or presumptious. He has a good understanding of the product and the process and he helped me to make the right decision for my situation.

Tuesday 29th May 2018

"Great customer service "

Our sales guy Jag was really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. He didn’t waste any of our and his time and got us the best deal in matter of no time . Sales manager is also great . The best ford dealership we have been to as we went to few others and it was just wastage of time . On another note very big dealership with lot of selection .

Tuesday 29th May 2018

"Second time around"

Our second purchase from Key West Ford. Was happy with our first experience with the dealership and decided to come back to see if we can come to terms on another purchase. Sales person Robert Klaus and Sales Mgr Ivan treated us with courtesy and honesty. Got a great value on our trade in and we are extremely happy with our CMAX! Thank you Robert and Ivan. Your efforts are very much appreciated. We are sure to come back again and let our friends know where to stop when in the market for an upgrade..

Monday 28th May 2018

Roger Razon
"Wrong Review Given"

I realized that they charged me extra fees ($199 transfer fee, $695 service fee and $599 doc fee) that they said were industry standard but not so standard with Hallmark Ford which only charges $499 doc fee. Ian never told me the car was a rental then Ivan tried to tell me it really doesn't matter if it is - excuse me! Then after using it yesterday, my wife noticed, which looks like a sharp blade cut, right in the driver's seat. Lots of deceits from this dealer.

Monday 28th May 2018

"Purchased 2018 F150 Platinum Fully Loaded."

This is my second experience with Key West Ford and on both occasions I have recieved professional, curtious, straight forward service. Great price! The vehicle was pristine in and out. I can't say enough good things about Robert and the Management team at Key West. I look forward to taking my truck back for it's servicing needs.

Monday 28th May 2018

"Excellent experience purchasing my new Escape"

I was very happy with process from start to finish when I purchased my new Escape from Robert Klaus and Ivan Matulik. My first communication was via email where I inquired about what I was looking for. I advised that due to my mine and my husband's schedule, we did not have a lot of time to spend going through the arduous and time consuming process of looking at and purchasing a new vehicle. I told him what I was looking for and he said he understood and would take care of us as quickly as possible. From the time I arrived to the time we picked up my new SUV the process of test driving, evaluating my trade in, confirming a final price, financing and insurance....we were done in 3 hours. I was impressed and satisfied with the entire experience. This is our second new Vehicle purchase in the last year from Key West Ford and I would recommend this dealership and Robert to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. Thank you Robert and Ivan for the impeccable service and efficiency during the buying process.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

"Very happy not pushy"

Very nice people working there.My dad almost always bought his cars there.Went back to ask some questions Michelle was happy to go over it with me again.Would recommend Key West Ford to everybody.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

"Fantastic Ford Flex Purchase"

I am a repeat customer at Key West Ford. I traded in the vehicle that I had previously purchased at Key West Ford for a pre-owned 2018 Ford Flex. I had such a great experience with Sales Representative Jag Dhillon with my last purchase at Key West Ford that I contacted him again when I needed to trade in that vehicle. As before, the purchasing experience at Key West Ford was low stress and comfortable, and I also got a great deal. Key West Ford had the exact vehicle I wanted, probably because they are such a high volume dealer and have so many vehicles in stock. Compared to other dealerships I have dealt with over the years, Key West is the best. Jag Dhillon is a pleasure to work with and Michelle Kellough and Ivan Matulik are also very professional. All in all, very happy with my purchase and the buying experience.

Saturday 19th May 2018

B and B
"Excellent Service"

We are very happy with the service and support we have received from Robert. We had a lot of questions and needed some extra support with our new Mustang, and Robert was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient, doing whatever it took to make up happy. The whole team at Key West, including Nicholas Terezakis who handled our warranty purchases, have been great to deal with. We were in good hands. Thanks everyone!

Friday 18th May 2018

"Excellent experience "

Great customer service. Every single person who was involved in our new car purchase did a top notch job. Super professional and friendly team.Highly recommended this dealership. Allen was helping us to get the best deal possible on our purchase. Thank you again for all the help

Thursday 17th May 2018

"Great experience!"

I had a very good experience dealing with everyone involved at Key West Ford and would recommend them. They were very professional and made the whole process enjoyable!

Sunday 13th May 2018

"Happy customer"

My second deal with them.Excellent customer service.Very professional.They took care of everything.Even for finance not a single issue.Thamk you again guys.Enjoying my new ride😉

Sunday 13th May 2018

"Disappointed. Shocked this is a Ford dealership "

Very disappointed,my sons first experience purchasing a new vehicle. Had I known how poor this dealership is I would’ve have convinced him to buy somewhere else. Do not buy from this dealership or this sales manager. Doesn’t care about your complaints. Word of advice test drive at this lot but order and buy from another dealership. You’ll get treated better

Saturday 12th May 2018

"Above & Beyond "

This fellow is one of a kind. In all my life I’ve never had a good experience at a car dealership until I went to Key West Ford. What an amazing group of people. My focus titanium(2017) is the second purchase that I’ve made off Michael both experiences were something to write home about. Whether you’re in the market for a Ford or any other kind of vehicle please do yourself a favour and check out the great people at Key West Ford.

Wednesday 9th May 2018

"Helped me find the car I want"

This is my first car purchase. When I came to here, I didn't have a clear idea on what car I shall buy. Allan showed me around on several probable ways to buy my first car. The next day, he also found another car that suit my current need. As I am new to Canada, there are a lot of differences on law, rules and regulations from the country I was in. Allan provided useful information on all of them and helped me get to a purchase solution that can fit into my short term and long term plan. Now I have used the car for some time and everything seems good :)

Tuesday 8th May 2018

"2017 F150 supercrew"

Great pricing, very helpful. I'm from out of town and was on a tight schedule. Jag and the rest of the folks at key west were sensitive to my time constraints and had my truck ready for delivery with no hiccups.

Tuesday 8th May 2018

"Exellent experience."

We had a small car budget in mind and after talking it over and trying various model we settled for something newer than expected without breaking the bank. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to anyone looking for a used or new car to start at key West Ford.

Monday 7th May 2018

"Great experience buying my 1st Ford"

I knew I wanted an Escape and had been shopping online for a few months. I found the vehicle I wanted and made an appointment for a test drive. It happened to be a Key West Ford. I made the appointment online and Jag reached out to me very quickly to set it up. Jag was very friendly and talkative but certainly not pushy or how you've been trained to think of a used car salesperson. He answered my questions and was generally a nice guy to chat with. I mentioned very early on what I was looking for but that I wasn't going to making a purchase that day. Even though he knew I wasn't buying he still wanted to make sure I knew everything I could about the vehicle I'd driven as well as anything else I might be looking into a vehicle for. I took his card when I left and made darn sure to get in touch with him once I'd made my decision. I got a great deal from Jag and Key West Ford and would recommend you going to talk to him if you're on the fence about a new Ford.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

"Best experience ever"

From the moment I arrived I felt there was something different. All of the staff are amazing, and the best part is the manager agreed to donate to my favourite Charity.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Topaz to Focus
""My FIRST NEW car experience""

My brother, a retired Ford dealership owner did the negotiating for me and found Robert to be excellent to deal with. Key West went above and beyond what they had to do by delivering the car to my door. What a surprise when Robert and his wife Lily were sitting out side with 2 identical race red Ford Focuses. I felt quite confident that they owned one too. Robert took me over to the insurance office to get the paperwork down and then back to explain the car to me. I am on FB with both Robert and Lily now. I didn't feel like I was dealing with a "pushy" salesperson but a genuine man who cares about his customers. Although I am 72 years old and this is my first new but probably last car I would highly recommend Robert and the dealership to anyone who would ask me. Cheryl Lewis Reitz

Sunday 29th Apr 2018

Harv Dhaliwal
"Simple and Accommodating Experience"

Having been to other dealerships, it was refreshing to find a location which was knowledgable and inviting. Marcus and Kal knew what i wanted right away and got me into a viable option which fit my budget and fulfilled my needs. - I will be recommending this dealership to my friends and family. THANKS KEYWEST FORD!

Sunday 29th Apr 2018

Conor sawyer
"Sales experience"

Lucas Macri served the most excellent customer service I have received In any ford dealership I have been to! Couldn’t ask for anytime different thanks!

Sunday 29th Apr 2018

"Feeling Heartbroken & Ripped Off"

Was quoted a certain price on a vehicle. When I arrived they decided it would be appropriate for them to raise the price by $1,000. Gave me some xxxxxxxx excuse that because I didn't bring them my trade, which they were going to give me $5,000, that was why they had to raise the price. I guess it didn't matter that I had upped my cash downpayment from $10,000 to $15,000. Then they take me to the so called manager. He shows me a screen with the dealers cost on said vehicle. I see that there is a fee of roughly $580.00 that is listed as service/shop costs. I said that I would not pay for the shop fees that I felt it should be on their dime not mine. They then tried to give me some xxxxxxxx excuse saying, "Oh, you don't have to pay for that because it gets added into the cost of the vehicle!" I don't know what planet these people are on. If it gets added to the cost of the vehicle I'm buying then, "xxxx YES" I'm paying for it. The only paper they could produce for me from the shop showed a bill of $198.00, $150 of which was for an oil change. I guess because I have tits and a xxxxxx they assume I'm an idiot. They wouldn't even budge on their documentation fee of almost $600.00. I held back tears the whole time I was there. Buying my first fully loaded vehicle and waiting almost 40 years to do so should have been a happy experience. Sadly to say it was one of the worst days of my life. Please do not give Key West Ford in New Westminster your time or money! Side note: Yes they were friendly. You have to put on that type of fake facade when you know you are literally screwing someone up the xxx.

Saturday 28th Apr 2018

"My new car experience"

I have driven by this location many times in my working career,and when i decided to buy a new vehicle,i chose to start my search in New West at Key West Ford.The staff were very professional,knowledgeable,and courteous.I felt that i didn't have to go anywhere else.Thanks Kal... and the rest of the guys .

Tuesday 24th Apr 2018

Darshan Dhillon
"Great salesman"

I have been to many dealership looking around for a used car but when I visited key west ford and meet Allan, the salesperson over there. He is a great guy and gives u all the details of the car and most of all he is not pushy and negotiates very well and gave me a great deal on the car. I feel if someone wants to buy a used car , he should visit key west ford and meet Allan and definitely he will give u great deal.

Monday 23rd Apr 2018

"You can spend a lot of time shopping for a vehicle. "

I did not want to visit every dealer and do the dance. Instead I phoned the top salesman at the top dealership that had a reasonable number of F150s on the lot to choose from. Robert Antoniak was great. I phoned him up and he put the deal together within an hour. Prices were very similar to the suggestions with all the incentives from Ford. Very straightforward. We narrowed down to 2 possible trucks, haggled for a few minutes over some accessories and were done. Robert also made sure that all the paperwork and details flowed smoothly and followed up a few times to make sure everything was good. You can spend a lot of time shopping for a vehicle. Robert didn't waste my time. And I am very happy with the truck!

Saturday 21st Apr 2018

K Wagar
"Salesman was very helpful"

Jag helped us find just the right previously owned vehicle, texted me right away when new stock came in that fit our requirements. The rest of the team was very respectful and courteous in completing the purchase.

Friday 20th Apr 2018


Went there to sit in a few vehicles that i had my eye on. Later that week went back to drive a car, sat down and got it priced out. Went for coffee sent them an offer and they delivered an excellent vehicle for an excellent price! Jeff was nothing but exceptional for me, helpful from start to finish. Michael is a straight shooter so you know what to expect. Can only recommend going to these guys.

Wednesday 11th Apr 2018

Adrian F
"Amazing Service in all departments"

I Had the pleasure of buying a used Ford Focus ST from Key West Ford about a month ago after having a bad experience at another dealership. We went to look at the car, Ian came out and greeted us and then left us alone unless we had questions, he wasn't pushy or aggressive which was a nice change. I decided to take the car to my shop to do my own mechanical inspection, car checked out except for a small oil leak, but I decided to pull the trigger since it would be repaired under warranty. This was my first time financing a car but Ian, Gurj and Michael Nokes explained everything in great detail and didn't rush anything. Brought the car home and waited a few days to book it in to get the oil leak repaired. I phoned the Key West service department and was helped by Tony and Sue and made the appointment. Two days later I went to pick up the car and being a mechanic, decided to bring the car back to my shop to check out the repair which was done very well. A week later I phoned the parts department to ask about some accessories and was happy to see that the amazing customer service covers the entire dealership. Michael even phoned me a few days after to ask me how I liked the car, he also answered every question I had after buying the car promptly and thoroughly. This is an amazing dealership with amazing customer service, I would go to Key West Ford even if I wasn't buying a Ford. Thank you Ian, Gurj, Michael, Sue, Tony and everyone else at Key West Ford for taking the stress out of buying a car.

Thursday 5th Apr 2018

"Bought a used vehicle quick and easy! "

We walked into dealership and found Jag as we had dealt with him before. We had no intentions of buying a vehicle that day but left very happy with our new Elantra!

Thursday 5th Apr 2018

Carole Nakonechny

Total beginner at used car purchase. My salesperson Nik cheerful honest and well-informed found me the ideal car Kia Rio 2016 for a super price. The entire team were entirely supportive and straightforward: management Michael;financing Gurj and Michelle; and customer service,Meghan kept all their promises, and stood by until I drove off .the lot. in great happiness and relief for a first time used car buyer

Wednesday 4th Apr 2018

"Shopped & bought my car after test driving 3 cars"

Thank you Key West Ford 👍 Quick - efficient and trustworthy dealership looking forward to sharing my experience and will recommend them anyone who may need a new or used car.

Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018

"Great experience"

Jag understood what kind of vehicle I wanted and found a perfect match. I got the SUV I wanted at a better price than I expected. Great service!

Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018

Slobodan Kovijanic
"Great experience"

For a while, I was interested in upgrading my car with a newer one. I spent a lot of time on internet searching for the right car and the right price and I picked 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium at Key West Ford. On their website I found all details, pictures and specs so I made a call. I talked to Jag in Sales and arranged a test drive. From that moment everything was going smoothly. Kal Bhatti, Sales Manager, did a great job to appraise my car and was very pleasant and pretty straight forward about the price of the car. Nick and Gurj in Business Office took their time to get me the best interest rate possible and monthly payments affordable.It was all done in no time and without any pressure and I felt so comfortable dealing with all of them. I found a couple of minor things to be done on the car and Jag took care of it and it was ready for delivery on next day. The car was clean inside and out, I had a feeling that I bought a brand new car. I shared my experience with many friends and relatives and recommended the Key West Ford as a place to buy a car. Grat job guys!!! Bobby K Richmond

Tuesday 27th Mar 2018

"Good and quick"

I have liked the staff, they know where they are going, it is easy too to contact them and now I have a great car.

Monday 26th Mar 2018

"Found just the car I needed"

I came to Key West Ford looking for a used vehicle within a strict budget. When my first choice was out of my price range, Jag asked about my needs an preferences and found me a perfect fit for at a better price.

Friday 23rd Mar 2018

"Amber is the best they have, by far"

Amber is the only service advisor at Key West I trust. She's a straight shooter and doesn't make things up or make promises she can't keep. I was at my wits' end when dealing with Tony, I was ready to walk away from the dealership entirely, but Amber, with Sue's help, restored some faith in them. They are still slow, and a little too expensive, but since they are local to me, I will stick with them, so long as it's Amber I am dealing with. If she's not there that day, I don't even bother.

Wednesday 21st Mar 2018

Andrew J
"Another Great Purchasing Experience"

This is my 4th purchase through Keywest Ford. Once again I received excellent sales and service from the team. Thoroughly enjoying a 14 Edge Limited with only 24,900KM! Thank you!

Monday 19th Mar 2018

"Excellent Customer Service"

We just purchased a 2018 F-150 from Robert Antoniak at Key West Ford in New Westminster BC. The truck is awesome. we looked around at all the makes of full-size pickups, new and used, and finally settled on a Ford. From the time we walked into the dealership until we drove the truck home, the service was outstanding. Robert was professional, informed, and patient. He listed, advised, educated and helped us, as new to full-size pickups, to decide what it was we needed and, more important, what we didn't need. He spent more time helping us out then we would have expected, and he has a great sense of humour. I would recommend Robert Antoniak and Key West Ford to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

Monday 19th Mar 2018

"Great customer service"

I bought my fourth car from this dealer ship and every time I got very satisfy. I got a used car and they took care of both of us . I recommend this dealership to everyone.

Monday 19th Mar 2018

"Great pre-sale service, unhappy with after sales service "

I purchased my 2013 Focus ST in Tangerine Scream in late July 2017. I initially met with Ian when I went to look at the car. Ian was very professional and friendly and I was very interested in the car after my first visit. On my second visit, Ian was not in at the moment and I was directed to Michael Nokes. When I first met Michael he was very nice and easy to deal with. Took the car for a test drive and worked out some numbers. Picked up the car a few days later and was overall happy. There are a few issues that I have that have made me unhappy with Keywest. When I initially bought the car I was only given 1 key FOB. I was told that they would try to get in touch with the last owners about getting any other keys. Also never received the CarProof that I was supposed to receive. After about a month I got into contact with Michael again about the Key FOB as I had not heard anything back from him. I went and met with him, once again very nice and friendly. Told me he was going to still try and get the Key FOB as well as get some pricing for some other items I was interested in for the Focus. The only thing I ever heard back for was the Paint pen I ordered. That's it. As someone who used to work in customer service I would never consider this to be acceptable. Even if I was unable to get the customer what they were asking for I would still contact them, but instead, I had to chase them down to get a response. Overall, I am happy with the car. It has some issues that need to be addressed. Pretty sure all warranty work. But I do enjoy driving it daily. But would I go back? I don't think so. In the end I was unhappy on the post sales service side of things

Friday 16th Mar 2018

Cara Davies
"Excellent customer service"

Amazing customer service and I felt the team went above and beyond to help get me into my car. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting a new car!

Tuesday 13th Mar 2018

"Bought a car."

Jag Dhillon was excellent, great service. Great service start to finish. Super easy. The business end was seamless and no surprises. Made our lives easy.