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Great customer service
I bought my fourth car from this dealer ship and every time I got very satisfy. I got a used car and they took care of both of us . I recommend this dealership to everyone.
Excellent customer service
Amazing customer service and I felt the team went above and beyond to help get me into my car. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting a new car!
Bought a car.
Jag Dhillon was excellent, great service. Great service start to finish. Super easy. The business end was seamless and no surprises. Made our lives easy.
Very friendly
Awesome very detailed and helpful .good luck in your business. Thanks for your time and input. I had good experience with you and Ford ford.
Great Guy
Allan was awesome guy got me the best deal on F 150. I recommend him to anyone and the whole team is good people. Thanks guys !
Professional service
I bought my Jeep from there. It was the smoothest purchase i ever made. Tom was delightful. He wasn’t pushy as some sales people you might encounter. I’ve had a few sales people I dealt with a few dealership prior to buying my car and I made my decision with Ford because of this experience( I have to mention Hamid at Subaru Dealership at Boundary is also great.). Tom is very informative and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Tom and how professional him and his management team was. Go with these guys if you want to have a piece of mind.
Pleasant experiance in purchasing my new vehicle.
The total experience of purchasing my new vehicle from Allan was enjoyable. Allan was very informative explaining thing and did not push for a sale allowing me to come to the decision that the car I wanted was the right vehicle for me. Every one else I dealt with at Key West Ford was also very friendly and helpful. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely do it again when the time comes.
Very pleasant car purchase experience with Peter
Found a car online, called in and scheduled an appointment with Peter. He got the car prepared before we arrived and got us a great deal. Highly recommend!
great team
great guys. Rob set me up with a great truck, at a good price. when we were finishing, Ian came out and helped get the truck ready with paper work licence plates etc... Wes was a down to earth manager. I was impressed how these guys and everyone else in the sales department worked as a team. my truck was detailed perfectly. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. I have certainly found the dealership that I would do business with in the future.
Key West Ford Blogs - Parts Department Blog
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It’s a lone flicker in the dark - a flash of red, a pale starburst, and then… nothing. Your brake light fades, leaving you suddenly without an LED shield.

Key West Ford suggests hurrying to our dealership.

Among the most common issues our customers face are broken brake lights - with winter proving particularly harsh. As Your Mechanic explains, seasonal moisture (from snow, sleet, or condensation) seeps into the mechanism and undermines both the housing and the electric current. The filaments are soon strained, and they quickly burn out. This leaves drivers without proper protection on the highway, with the NHTSA citing unresponsive bulbs as one of the five leading causes of rear collisions: second only to tire failure.

To counter the sudden loss of a brake light, we recommend visiting our Parts Department. There you’ll receive access to the best bubs on the market - with our team able to choose the perfect options for your car’s specific design. We’ll also assess the condition of the housing structure, determining whether it’s in need of sealing (if it is, we can accommodate you).

Don’t risk the perils of driving without a brake light. Come to our dealership today!
It’s the most disheartening sound - that slow, sluggish stutter of the engine. You sigh, turning the key once more; but the result is the same. Your car has given up for the winter. It simply won’t start… and, as if mocking you, fresh snow begins to fall.

Key West Ford thinks it’s time to counter the cold with a new battery.

As LifeWire explains, the winter often proves unforgiving to batteries - with their capacity ratios dropping a staggering 20% in freezing temperatures (between 20-degrees and 0-degrees Celsius) and plummeting another 50% when the thermometer slips further (between -30-degrees and -40-degrees Celsius). This undermines performance, with cars forced to supplement the loss of power by drawing from other sources. These may include the lights, heating units, or even the engine itself. The entire platform is compromised.

This, of course, greatly shortens the life of each battery - and it forces drivers to seek out winter substitutes. To ensure that this process proves both easy and quick, we suggest visiting our dealership. Our team has access to the best in OEM parts, and we can accommodate every make and model. We’ll pair you with the options that will suit your seasonal needs.

No longer suffer engine failure. Allow us to provide you with a superior battery replacement instead! Contact us today to learn more.
It’s the season of accessories. You wrap yourself in gloves and scarves, tug on tall boots and wooly socks. Every day is greeted with a series of layers - all needed to keep the cold at bay. You won’t take one step without shielding your body against winter’s icy blasts.

Key West Ford wonders: do you offer your car this same protection?

Winter proves unforgiving with each mile. Summer tires - though perfectly tailored for all-terrain adventures - falter with every lost degree; and aluminum rims crack from the cold. This leaves every vehicle precariously perched on weak wheels. Performance (and stability) is undermined.

To counter this, Key West Ford recommends seeking out our Winter Safety Package. This exclusive promotion provides drivers with seasonal relief, connecting them to: roadworthy tires (with their treads engineered to grip the sleet), available steel rims (with their durable designs extending the life of every wheel), and pressure monitoring (with all air levels checked with care to ensure long-lasting value). Our team delivers on-site installations, offering more efficient rides through the snow.

Protect your vehicle against the season. Visit our dealership today to learn more about the Winter Safety Package!

The needle falls with alarming speed. You watch as each mile demands a guzzle of fuel, with your car consuming dozens of drops with every press of the pedal. How could this be? You chose this platform for its efficiency, wanting to take advantage of auto start-stop technology and smart mobility solutions. It was meant to spare you constant trips to the pump. Now…. it seems to be leaking gasoline and you find yourself searching for yet another station.

We recommend visiting our dealership afterwards.

Key West Ford knows that a faulty fuel pump can wreak havoc on even the most economical cars - with relief valve malfunctions, imprecise pressure gauges, and deteriorating lines leading to an excess of consumption. Weakened parts will try to compensate by filtering more and more drops to the engine, and this creates a costly cycle for drivers.

Allow us to provide support. Come to our Parts Department today and discover a full line of OEM-quality pumps and accessories. We have options tailored for every make and model, enabling our customers to achieve instant efficiency. Our team will quickly identify the components (including the injector, the regulator, or even the lock-nut) required to optimize your car; and they’ll provide you with the support needed to ensure a seamless installation.

A sudden rise in gas consumption promises frequent station stops. Let us provide a more cost-effective solution. Contact our team today to learn more about fuel pump replacements.

oem car parts for sale vancouver bcWith summer heat comes summer problems. This is the sad truth every driver must face - with their vehicles forced to endure sweltering temperatures, relentless UV exposure, and the constant splash of pollen. The season wreaks havoc on coupes and convertibles alike, and this can lead to a sudden breakdown of automotive parts.

To combat this issue, Key West Ford stresses the need for vigilance - encouraging our customers to create a summertime checklist. Inspect your vehicle’s most vulnerable parts each week to avoid potential corrosion, rusting, and more:

Check Hoses and Belts - which are susceptible to cracks from temperature changes.

Check the Radiator - which may suffer from metal fusing.

Check the Battery - which may experience build-ups of tar, pollen, and other contaminants.

Check the Air Conditioning Unit - which may suffer from low fluid levels or sudden leaks.

Check Windshield Wipers - which often break due to frequent usage (summer storms over-stress their designs).

Should any of these parts show signs of damage, bring your vehicle to Key West Ford and allow our team to find OEM-quality replacements. We’ll provide multi-point inspections and comprehensive support, helping you protect your car against the season.

To schedule an appointment with our technicians contact us today.
car engine parts for sale bcIt’s a sudden sputter - the engine stalling, the chassis shaking, the tires rolling to a slow stop. You barely manage to pull to the curb as every automotive system shuts down with a whine. This… is bad. You push against the pedal, trying to will your car back to life; but it remains thoroughly, utterly, defeated. 

Key West Ford is all too familiar with this scenario. Each week our customers stumble into our Parts Department, spinning tales of woe and smoke. We seek to provide those tales with happy endings, offering drivers access to the most common replacement parts.

According to AA1, the life of a vehicle is plagued with engine troubles and chassis failures - which is why certain parts demand frequent maintenance. The most commonly replaced options in B.C. are: oil filters (every 3,000 miles); windshield wiper blades (every year); air filters (every 30,000 miles); brake pads (every 30,000 miles); batteries (every two years); and headlamps (every three years). Our technicians are quick to note, however, that every driver boasts unique routines, and they may find themselves switching out these components with greater frequency.

To accommodate that frequency, we host a diverse collection of quality replacement parts - enabling our customers to quickly restore their vehicles (and their sanities). Don’t shuffle from store to store, trying to find the perfect fit. Allow our technicians to instead cater to your specific needs, delivering options for every major make and model.

To schedule an appointment with our Parts Department contact us today.

ford engine replacement parts vancouver bcAn electric hearts beats within your car - with a static charge pumping through the wires and a life-blood of oil, fuel, and coolant inside. Every mile yields yet another steady pulse.

Time, however, may render those pulses less than reliable - with an engine failing and a vehicle no longer able to make the long journeys home. When this occurs, Key West Ford recommends contacting us.

We serve as the Lower Mainland’s premier OEM supplier, delivering a wide variety of engine parts to our customers. Allow us to pair you - and your car - with quality options, including:

Cams and Valves.
Cranks and Rods.
Blocks and Cylinders.
Hardware and Headbolts.
Fans and Belts.
Filters and Gaskets.
Mounts and Pans.
.... and more!

Our team will scour our vast inventory for every engine part, accommodating all makes and models with ease; and, should we fail to have what you need in-house, we’ll gladly order it for you, sparing you countless trips to automotive stores. Convenience will define every purchase.

A faulty powertrain undermines every vehicle. Allow Key West Ford to ensure high-performance in B.C., delivering engine parts to every driver. Contact us today to learn more.

quality oem car suspension parts vancouver bcThe miles are long - filled with ruts and rocky spans, the uneven strips of pavement. Your car shakes along them, the suspension wheezing as it tries to compensate for the constant inclines. Over great distances you travel, and these take a heavy toll on an all-too-delicate undercarriage. Parts fray; chrome fades; and eventually you’re left with nothing more than a sad rattling sound.

Key West Ford suggests visiting our dealership. As the leading supplier of OEM options, we’ll help to counter the effects of the road - providing each driver with the quality components they need to strengthen their suspensions.

According to, the most commonly needed replacements for suspensions are: rod ends, bushings, control arms, ball joints, and springs. Each of these pieces proves essential to drivers, helping to ensure a smooth ride and adapting to fickle road conditions. Time, however, undermines their abilities - subjecting them to rust, hydrogen embrittlement, pot-holes, and misalignments. They all eventually fail.

Finding OEM parts is, therefore, crucial. Allow Key West Ford to help. We cater to all makes, connecting drivers to the replacements they need. Our team will quickly assess all damage, identifying the best suspension options (we’ll choose from either our in-house stock or will place specialty orders as needed). Through this, we’ll ensure that each vehicle is correctly maintained and provides long-lasting performance on the highway.

Don’t endure a weak suspension. Visit our Parts Department today instead.

car battery part service vancouver bcWithin each Ford is an electric heart - one that delivers steady beats and equally steady economy, enabling drivers to push the limits of every mile. Every battery serves as the powerhouse pulse, fueling best-in-class performance from all platforms (including the Fusion, the F-150, and the Mustang).

Time proves the ruin of all things, however, and not even Ford can create a powertrain that’s immune to those terrible years. All batteries eventually fade - and drivers must, therefore, visit our Parts Department to find suitable replacements.

When should these replacements be sought, however? Critics agree that batteries maintain their strength for approximately four years. This number may be greatly shortened, however, by each driver’s specific habits, including: frequent short journeys (which fail to properly recharge the system and instead strain each current), the constant use of electrical systems (including the air conditioner and heater), and cold weather trips (consistent exposure to snow weakens power outputs). These elements may reduce the overall lifespan by up to 30%.

It’s crucial, therefore, to schedule an appointment with the Key West Ford team. Our technicians will happily assess the condition of your vehicle’s battery - and, should it need a replacement, we’ll provide you with quality OEM options. Counter the effects of time with ease.

Nothing lasts forever... and a battery is no exception. Come to our showroom today to begin the selection process.
quality oem car parts vancouver bcIt’s a grinding sound - with every gear stuttering and every transition stalled. You try to shift, willing the transmission to work; but the efforts are in vain. Cold weather has left your car compromised.

As the season drags on, Key West Ford knows that delicate parts will suffer. Plunging temperatures undermine the performance of every vehicle - draining batteries, thickening transmission fluids, and nullifying spark plugs. This creates frustrating experiences for drivers, forcing them to constantly battle the cold.

Those battles may require reinforcements - which is why we offer B.C.’s biggest selection of quality OEM parts. Our team delivers a wide array of options, helping our customers re-optimize their cars. Through our selection (which includes bumper protectors, hitch-scans, fog lights, exhaust tips, step bars, fenders flares, and more) we provide relief, countering every winter issue. We ensure that all damaged components can be quickly and precisely replaced; and we accommodate every make and model with ease.

Winter takes a toll on every system. Our Parts Department, however, can offer support. Allow our technicians to examine your car. They’ll create a custom strategy to improve performance and ensure long-lasting results.

Schedule an appointment with Key West Ford today!

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