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The 1966 Cobra is a car lover's fantasy, a proverbial museum piece: the muscle car upon which all fans must pay homage, an example of brilliant engineering and performance. To simply hear the car - and the sound of a Cobra is unmistakable, not a hiss but a roar; the car has the ferocity of a snake with the amplification of a lion - to hear the power of the engine is to know true power. That car is the standard by which all other handcrafted works of beauty shall be judged.

The Cobra is, simply put, a legend. For us mere mortals, we can admire the car, but owning it is, alas, a dream. Thankfully, the talented professionals have a solution: an AC Cobra Replica, a work of art in its own right, an opportunity for car lovers to drive an awesome automobile. This car will capture people's attention, win praise for its excellent handling, draw whispers (the good kind!) and make you a master of the universe. Which brings us back to the genius of Key West Ford: their service is exceptional, a testament to giving consumers the very best automobiles - including the AC Cobra Replica! - and always - yes, always - providing the assistance people want. By these standards, Key West Ford is like that famed Cobra: brilliant, respected and unforgettable.