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Key West Ford Reminds Drivers To Check Their Tires This Season

(Posted on Jul 30, 2014 at 06:56AM by Lee Byard)

tire service new westminsterA flat tire puts an end to all summer fun. An under-inflated tire, however, can turn that fun into a danger.

Key West Ford reminds drivers to check their tires this season. Warm temperatures can cause fluctuations in pressure, with levels suddenly dropping and rising throughout the day. This weakens the rubber, making it more susceptible to blowouts or bursts.

It’s recommended, therefore, to monitor levels throughout the summer. Purchase a proper gauge and use it (at least) once a month. If the pressure seems too high or too low, let Key West Ford’s Service Department provide a comprehensive inspection, ensuring that every tire is road-ready.

Key West Ford wants our customers to enjoy the season. We also, however, want all of you to be safe. Keep those tires checked!