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2015 Ford Mustang
Everything about my trip to Key West was great, Peter Olson, Wes Upton & Nicholas Terezakis were amazing to deal with. Super patient guys with a knack for customer service, never once did I feel like I was at a normal dealership, these guys made the car buying process super easy and not stressful.
My New Favourite Dealership!
My boyfriend and I were on the hunt for a new SUV, and we ended up being helped by Rob Vanoverschot. I was nervous about going to a dealership as I'd never purchased off of a lot before - and Rob made the process a breeze! He answered all of our questions and never made us feel pressured at all! We test drove about 6 different makes and models and fell in love with a 2019 Ford Escape. I would highly recommend Rob and Key West Ford, even the financing department and insurance department made this process enjoyable! Not to mention they had the best prices around - and we came all the way out from Abbotsford!
Great Kai and jag were awesome
Great. Worked with my schedual, very helpful. Got back to me fast about all my questions. And even went out a got a keepsake i forgot in my grade in.
The most seamless car buying experience with Peter Olson!
It was an awesome experience from the time we walked on the dealer lot to the time we drove home our car. Super friendly Ivan, super helpful Gurj and super salesman Peter!
Ford Edge
Erick was very friendly and personable and it was a pleasure to do business with him. I would recommend him and Key West if you’re looking for a vehicle.
Patient and Kind
I was extremely happy with most of the folks I spoke with during my time at Key West. It took me 3 days of visiting the dealership to make sure I was making the right decision on the vehicle for my needs and my budget. All staff but one understood that this purchase wasn't an easy one to make within my budget. Peter Olsen, Michael Nokes and Robert Klaus really understood why I needed to take my time and research all my options. I appreciated their kindness and patience and didn't feel at all pressured into the sale.
Good dealers
Helpful and honest dealers. Car was well inspected and in advertised good condition. Overall the service was good and the sale was fair. Dean was great!
F350 truck
I saw an ad for a F350 at the lot. The truck was not on the lot due to construction. It took a day to get the truck so I could see it. I made a deal and drove it away that afternoon. Happy with the vehicle. Sales person was new to Key West and lacked knowledge of all the options on the truck.
Over and above
They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers

Will Ford’s F-150 Win The Efficiency Race?

(Posted on Feb 23, 2016 at 10:09AM by Lee Byard)
ford f150 dealer bcThe F-150 doesn’t often inspire thoughts of economy. Drivers instead devote their attentions to best-in-class payloads and towing capacities - believing that fuel efficiency must be sacrificed for power.

Ford is now changing this.

According to Green Car Reports, Ford is quickly revving toward premium performance. Recent rumors suggest the arrival of a diesel F-150, one that would provide a greater overall economy than any of its recent competitors (specifically the reigning champion, the Dodge RAM). By employing a V6 engine and a rear-wheel HFE drivetrain, the F-150 could accelerate its overall results.

This, Green Car Reports notes, would provide drivers with potentially: 240 HP, 420 lb.-ft of torque, and an impressive 24 MPG. These numbers prove encouraging for those in B.C. who crave superior power.

No official release date has been offered for the diesel F-150. Key West Ford, however, anticipates an early 2017 release.

To learn more about the F-150 - as well as other F-Series options - contact us today.

Our New Vehicle Clearout Will Soon Begin

(Posted on Feb 22, 2016 at 10:07AM by Lee Byard)
2016 ford dealer bc2016 should prove an exceptional year for Ford. Its recent line-up reveal - which showcased new Fusions, Explorers, F-150s, and Escapes - promised drivers steady economy and dynamic performance.

Key West Ford wishes to celebrate that performance. This is why we’ll soon launch our New Vehicle Clearout!

Join us from February 24th to February 29th as we host the New Vehicle Clearout. This exclusive sale provides drivers with the Lower Mainland’s largest selection of 2015 and 2016 models (including the Mustang, Fiesta, and Edge). Dealer-wide mark-downs pair with rewards opportunities - making this the perfect savings opportunity.

We’re delivering more than spectacular prices, though. Instead every new Ford purchase earns our customers exciting prizes, including:

Flat-Screen TVs!
Go Pro Cameras!
... and much more!

Discover B.C.’s ultimate sale. Come to Key West Ford!

To learn more about the New Vehicle Clearout contact us today. Be sure to ask about our other current promotions as well.

Win Big At The 120 Hour Sale

(Posted on Feb 20, 2016 at 04:33AM by Lee Byard)
car sale new westminster bcService is our cornerstone. Key West Ford strives always to provide our customers with the best dealer experiences in B.C., connecting them to both low prices and a massive inventory. We help them find the right cars for their needs.

We also provide them with the chance to win $2500.

The Scratch-Off Game has returned to Key West Ford! During the 120 Hour Sale - which lasts until February 21st and offers the Lower Mainland’s best selection of new and used cars - customers can earn up to $2500! With every vehicle purchase comes an exclusive game card. Peel back the layers to reveal the prizes beneath, pairing the perfect ride with the perfect savings opportunities.

Is there anything better?

The 120 Hour Sale delivers incredible deals on B.C.’s favorite models, including: the Explorer, the Focus, the Fiesta, the Mustang, and the F-150. It lets drivers score both a new car and a new balance in the bank accounts. Don’t miss out on the Lower Mainland’s biggest rewards! Come to our lot today!

To learn more about this event contact our team. We’ll gladly provide spec information, schedule a test drive, and more.

Ford Offers A Fun 2016 Focus Promotion

(Posted on Feb 20, 2016 at 04:05AM by Lee Byard)
Ford may be North America’s signature brand - but it’s recently paired its promotions with a distinctly international tone. After first delighting consumers with its Fusion telenovela, the company has returned with yet another humorous voice-over. This one showcases its 2016 Focus.

Watch below as Ford shares a dramatic tale about the 2016 Focus... and its impact on the romantic lives of two brothers.

Ford is bringing telenovela-inspired hilarity to its recent promotions. The 2016 Focus, however, provides drivers with far more than entertainment. This hatchback delivers a series of tech upgrades, including: lane-keeping assistance, a blind spot information system, cross-traffic alerts, and award-winning EcoBoost economy. These elements combine for superior safety and responses.

Recent performance upgrades also deliver speed. Ford now injects exceptional power into its Focus, with an exclusive ST kit allowing for 275 HP and 296 lb.-ft of torque. This creates a mountune induction experience for every driver.

We’re excited - aren’t you?

To learn more about the 2016 Focus (as well as the available ST aftermarket kit) contact us today.
For decades international audiences have gained much pleasure - and much amusement - from telenovelas (known also as teleromans). Through their sweeping plotlines and dynamic characters, they’ve shaped daytime viewing - and now they’re shaping Ford.

The company recently revealed a telenovela-inspired promotion for its 2016 Fusion, blending hilariously (and intentionally) bad dubbing with dramatic pauses. The result is a fun experience in branding. Check it out!

A telenovela may prove less than serious. The value of the Ford Fusion, however, is no laughing matter - with the sedan delivering a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, an all-wheel-drivetrain, and EcoBoost power. This allows it to generate up to 325 HP and 350 lb.-ft of torque, revving past its main competitors (including the Camry and the Accord) with ease.

The Fusion offers more the a responsive platform, though. It also connects drivers to exceptional luxury, boasting optional Cocoa leather, optional Venetian leather, and custom 19-inch wheels. This elevates the driving experience.

Ford has redefined its Fusion for 2016 - and the results are network-worthy.

To learn more about this model (including its hybrid variant) contact us today.

Our 120 Hour Sale Has Begun

(Posted on Feb 17, 2016 at 09:33AM by Lee Byard)
car sale vancouver bcTime rarely proves kind. With the launch of our 120 Hour Sale, however, Key West Ford is turning every second into a triumph. Join us for B.C.’s ultimate savings extravaganza!

The 120 Hour Sale has begun. This exclusive event - which runs through February 21st - connects drivers to the Lower Mainland’s largest inventory. Choose from a dynamic collection of new and used vehicles, including Mustangs, F-150s, Edges, Fiestas, and Explorers. The perfect car awaits!

We now pair that perfection with prizes. To provide our customers with B.C.’s best deals, the Key West team is proud to announce the return of our Scratch-Off game. Every vehicle purchase earns a scratch-card - with drivers scoring many rewards opportunities (including the chance to win $2500). Buy, play, and save!

Not enough to pique your interest? Key West Ford is also offering a free laptop with every purchase of a 2015 Focus. Embrace the digital age with ease.

The 120 Hour Sale delivers superior pricing and superior prizes. Vist our lot today!

To learn more about this event contact us.

Key West Ford Will Soon Launch The 120 Hour Sale!

(Posted on Feb 16, 2016 at 07:49PM by Lee Byard)
120 hour car sale new westminster bcWinter is the season of savings at Key West Ford. Throughout December and January we offered our customers a series of sales events - drastically marking-down the largest inventory in the Lower Mainland. Now we seek to continue this trend in February.

The 120 Hour Sale is coming.

Tomorrow we’re launching an exclusive promotion. The 120 Hour Sale - which will run from February 17th to February 21st - will provide drivers with extraordinary discounts. Experience B.C.'s best Ford prices (on popular models like the Fusion, the Escape, the Explorer, and the Transit Connect) and biggest incentives, including:

A Free Laptop With Every 2015 Ford Focus Purchase!
A Chance to Win $2500, Thanks to Our Signature Scratch-Off Game!

The 120 Hour Sale promises exceptional savings for all... and it’s only at Key West Ford.

Searching for a new car? Let our team connect you to the world’s leading marques. Pair our premium selection with a flurry of Rewards options for the region’s most impressive sale. Choose a new car for the new year!

To learn more about this event - as well as our other current promotions - contact us today.

The Valentine’s Sale Ends Today

(Posted on Feb 15, 2016 at 05:12AM by Lee Byard)
valentine's day sale new westminster bcValentine’s Day has passed - but sweet deals still remain at Key West Ford. Join us for the ultimate holiday event.

Our Valentine's Sale 
ends today, offering drivers one last chance to snag B.C.’s biggest savings opportunities. Visit Key West Ford as we deliver:

Dealer-wide markdowns on over 600 vehicles!

The Lower Mainland’s largest inventory of Fusions, F-150s, Mustangs, and more!

A 5 day/4 night cruise package with every new or used vehicle purchase!

Did your flowers and chocolates prove less than impressive on the 14th? The Key West team suggests surprising your partner with a new gift for the holidays - an exclusive 5 day/4 night cruise adventure. Purchase a vehicle from our lot and receive a no-charge vacation to the destination of your dreams (Mexico, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean).

February is both the month of love and tne month of exceptional deals in the Lower Mainland! Hurry to Key West Ford to find the region’s best savings.

To learn more about our Valentine’s Sale - as well as other promotions, including our Rewards Program - contact us today.

Ford Stresses The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

(Posted on Feb 15, 2016 at 04:56AM by Lee Byard)
The statistics are all-too alarming and all-too sad. According to a study from Distracted Driving (CAA):

Distracted driving is responsible for 80% of all collisions.

Distracted driving is responsible for 65% of all near crashes.

Distracted driving is responsible for approximately $10 billion in economic losses each year.

Distracted driving is responsible for approximately 4 million deaths in North America each year.

Distracted driving is responsible for approximately 104 deaths in British Columbia each year.

These numbers showcase the dangers of unfocused (irresponsible) driving - with individuals dividing their attentions between smartphones, satellite sounds, and passenger demands. Ford, recognizing the potential damage caused by these distractions, recently released a series of promotions to encourage consumers to use caution on the road.

Watch them below.

Ford emphasizes the dangers of poor driving choices and seeks to educate consumers about the importance of every decision. Don’t let text messages, radio channels, voice mails, and more steal eyes (and thoughts) from the road.

To learn more about safe driving techniques contact Key West Ford today.

new ford dealer bcOn December 31st you made a resolution - to find a new car for the new year. Your efforts so far, however, have proven less than successful. The selection has been meager; the costs have been high; and the results have been uninspiring. You want exceptional performance and equally exceptional pricing, but the two seem impossible to find.

Key West Ford suggests visiting our lot - where the 72 Hour Sale delivers incredible savings for every driver.

Join us as our 72 Hour Sale comes to a close. We’re offering our customers markdowns on more than 200 new Ford models, connecting them to the year’s most popular marques (including the Focus, the Fusion, the Escape, and the Transit Connect). Experience power, precision, and economy.

Craving even greater values? The Key West team understands. That’s why we’re offering exclusive prizes with every new Ford vehicle purchase! Pair dealer-wide discounts with exciting rewards.

The 72 Hour Sale ends today. Don’t miss out on B.C.’s biggest savings opportunity! Hurry instead to Key West Ford.

To learn more about this promotion contact us.