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Buying my first car
I visited key west to look at a used truck. Peter was very nice and fixed any problems with the truck so it would be safe and reliable for me, as well as suggested I contact him with any questions and concerns. I would definitely go back because of how nice and reasonable the staff were.
Pleasant experience with sales staff.
Buying a new (or near-new) vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, salesman Robert Klaus was very helpful and treated me fairly. They offered me a very reasonable amount for my trade-in and the financing and insurance arrangements were seamless. The vehicle was detailed and was ready to be driven home in less than an hour. I would recommend Key West to a family member or a friend.
Great service
Great dealership and sales person. Friendly, knowledgeable and not aggressive in the sale at all. Financing was a breeze too. Definitely recommend this place for a purchase
Best service
I bought my car at key west ford in New Westminster. Thank you Carrie and Megan in finance helping me out. If I have any issues there always there to help me out.. I get my answer same day. There always keep in mind. These wonderful ladies treat me and my dog like family. Thank you for everything and I always will come back.????
Great service Great Experience!
My experience at Key West ford was great, the sales team were very knowledgeable and helpful. Id like to extend an extra thank you to Megan Fraser, she definately went above and beyond and made my experience that much better, she took care of all paper work, made sure my car was cleaned and fueled and provided me with an insurance rep right on the spot so i could drive away in my new car that day. Thanks again Megan
2019 Ford Mustang 201A Package
I bought the car before Christmas 2018. Peter helped me through the super easy and smooth process which was then passed on to Michelle, who did the rest of the transaction. I was very excited to have such car because of comfort, style, and the speed. Not to forget the loud engine as if there’s a war on the road when driving a mustang. I don’t have to elaborate into specifics but I love the car. After the transaction, Peter guided me through the technology, seats and modes of driving. Also, he didn’t promise me anything but before the day of purchase, I asked Peter some favours. One of them is the “key west ford” logo on the rear of the vehicle that I didn’t want to have. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Peter provided. Sadly, I lost the car due to an accident which I’m not at fault. I only had the car for less than 7 months but moving on, I look forward on talking to Peter for another brand new mustang!
So helpful! Erick was fantastic.
Erick at Key West Ford was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy at all, showed us all the options we wanted and ended up with an even better car than we expected. Double thumbs up.
Very impressed
I bought a f450 from Ben this past week. Ben and his team went above and beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and they worked hard to meet my needs. I highly recommend them!
Leave it to me.
We like to browse without being pursued, first point given to Jag Dhillon for simply saying, hello I am Jag, is there anything i can help you with. We like space when i shop, and Jag picked up pretty quick, how our personalities worked, and let us come to him with questions on our terms. The end result, we bought a car from him, he was most helpful in answering questions, as well as sharing knowledge.. i would definitely recommend buying a car from Jag Dhillon at Key West Ford. Our, new to us, preowned mini cooper roadster was a great deal, and i feel like the care we got was authentic. Great job!
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers
It’s an unexpected honor - defined by neither speed nor performance. The 2018 Mustang boasts a digital dash… and it’s the first mass-marketed sports car to do so.

According to Forbes, the Mustang has broken yet another record - bringing the world’s first fully-digital telematics system to the fastback market. This pony has been fused with a pixelated LCD display, allowing drivers to achieve seamless control over every performance metric; and this has redefined the highway.

Inside this coupe is a 12-inch high-definition console. Anchored by steering wheel-mounted toggles, this option enables seamless interfacing - with users taking advantage of a capacitive screen to access key vehicle information. Track each transmission gear, with the ratios (and their RPM outputs) displayed. Fuel levels are updated in real-time, with mileage estimates scrolled across the gauge; and set the perfect highway atmosphere via the integrated ambient lighting feature (which drapes the dashboard in soft Ice Blue, Purple, or Green). Use the Electronic Line Lock system, which engages both the ABS and differential to create prime burn-out conditions; and explore the Launch Control, diverting all torque to the rear wheels before releasing it in a four-second 0 to 60 burst.

With the press of a button drivers can define every mile - utilizing the Mustang’s advanced digital dash to access metrics with ease. To learn more about this feature visit our dealership today.

With the summer comes a series of backroad adventures - scaling dusty inclines and loose-gravel paths, tracing miles long since abandoned by progress. These explorations demand a wild spirit…. and a bevy of ATV toys; and your mid-size truck simply can’t accommodate the load.

May we recommend getting a half-ton upgrade? Join us as the Customer Appreciation Event continues and discover B.C.’s biggest selection of 2018 F-150s!

The 2018 F-150 - available in XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims - proves a perfect option for the summer. Ford has fused this truck with class-shattering performance, allowing it to effortlessly haul those off-road toys. Take advantage of a conventional towing capacity of 8,000 pounds, utilizing intuitive technologies with every load:

Sway Control: this system steadies your trailer, pairing Roll Stability Control (which counters under-steerage by automatically correcting vehicle pitch rates) and electronic traction functionality (which delivers precise torque distribution to the tires to enhance their grippage capabilities).

Brake Controller: this function maintains a seamless connection between the truck’s anti-lock discs and the trailer’s own ABS system. It improves stoppage, sending vented support to all of the wheels to promote smoother decelerations.

Cargo Storage: flanking the sides of the 2018 F-150 are tie-downs. These box-mounted hooks allow for secure payloads, with their wide designs accommodating every strap size.

The 2018 F-150 delivers best-in-class towing, enabling Vancouver drivers to haul their beloved ATVs with ease. To learn more about this truck - or to request a full list of available Customer Appreciation discounts, including Costco Bonus Bucks - contact our team today.
ford customer appreciation sale vancouver bc 2018The time has come, Vancouver! Today marks the beginning of the Customer Appreciation Event - with our dealership boasting low prices, fun prizes, and a bevy of available discounts.

From July 26th to July 29th we’re hosting the region’s largest sale. Hundreds of new and used platforms have been primed for the season - with their MSRPs reduced and their values enhanced. Choose from our selection of F-150s, Escapes, Explorers, and more to discover up to $15,500 in total rewards. We’re slashing financing rates; and we’re ensuring that our customers receive the savings they deserve through Employee Pricing opportunities (all stickers will reflect a you-pay-what-we-pay philosophy). The result is exceptional performance at a budget-friendly cost.

Are you still not convinced? Perhaps the inclusion of exciting prizes will provide the push you need.

During this sale drivers will receive exclusive gifts, with each vehicle purchase earning them: big screen TVs, laptops, tablets, stainless steel cookware, GoPro cameras, and more - making this a true savings extravaganza. 

Discover B.C.’s best deals. Visit Key West Ford today to take advantage of our Customer Appreciation Event - and don’t hesitate to contact our team for further information about financing options, eligible vehicles, and more.

ford customer appreciation sale vancouver bc 2018On every desk in the Key West Ford showroom sits a digital clock - revealing the seconds in bold neon, marking the hours with seamless shifts. Each of these items are now humming in anticipation, pushing their minute-hands ever-closer to 9:00 a.m. so that they can finally sound the digital alarm.

The Customer Appreciation Event begins today!

Join our team as we deliver the biggest deals in the Lower Mainland - treating drivers to both the selection and the savings they crave. On our lot discover hundreds of new and used vehicles: all boasting Employee Pricing (you pay what we pay), low financing (rates begin at 1.49%), and bonus bucks (eligible Costco members receive up to $1,000 in additional rewards). More than $15,000 in available discounts are now available to ensure Vancouver’s best shopping experience.

Searching for a specific ride? Allow us to help. We host the largest selection of Ford vehicles in B.C., and we’ll happily introduce you to the coupes, pick-ups, and SUVs you’ve been looking for. Among our most popular sellers are the 2018 F-150 (available for $31,282) and the 2018 Escape (starting at $25,175).

The Customer Appreciation Event will bring exceptional savings to the Lower Mainland - and mere hours separate drivers from the year’s biggest summer sale. Are you ready?

To learn more about this promotion contact our team today.
ford customer appreciation sale vancouver bc 2018Satisfaction rarely defines your shopping experience - with prices proving too high and savings always disappearing. Each purchase is draped in red-tape and hidden fees; and finding value seems impossible.

May we offer you some much-needed relief? Join Key West Ford as we host our Customer Appreciation Event!

From July 26th to July 29th we’re delivering superior savings to Vancouver - with our Customer Appreciation Event promising dealer-wide discounts on all new and used vehicles. Discover hundreds of premium models (including the F-150, Explorer, and Edge) with slashed MSRPs; and take advantage of exclusive financing opportunities, with rates falling to a record-low 1.49%. We’re emphasizing value with every sale, allowing drivers to choose the perfect platforms for both their lifestyles and their bank accounts.

Among the most exciting opportunities we’re offering are Costco Bonus Bucks. Eligible store members can flash their cards to our team and receive an immediate $1,000 in extra savings - ensuring a seamless purchasing experience. Pair our already low prices (including the 2018 F-150 for only $31,282) with this available discount to maintain your budget with ease.

The Customer Appreciation Event allows drivers to finally achieve the rewards they deserve. To learn more about this sale (including our available Costco Bonus Bucks) contact our team today.

ford customer appreciation sale vancouver bc 2018Our greatest asset is not our ever-expanding inventory - nor is it our award-winning sales team. Instead it’s the loyalty we’ve experienced from drivers across the Lower Mainland. We’ve been fortunate enough to foster lifelong relationships with the men and women of B.C.; and their steady support has allowed us to grow as a dealership.

Because of this we now seek to offer a token of thanks - connecting drivers to the Customer Appreciation Event.

From July 26th to July 29th we’re hosting the biggest sale in B.C.! Visit our dealership to take advantage of the Customer Appreciation Event - which pairs massive savings with exclusive rewards:

Searching for the perfect ride? We’re fusing both new and used vehicles with Employee Pricing - allowing drivers to secure a you-pay-what-we-pay value with every sale. Hundreds of premium Ford platforms (including the F-150 and Escape) are available.

Demand more from your shopping experience with Costco Bonus Bucks. Eligible members earn up to $1,000 with their purchases.

Maintain your budget (and your sanity) with our many discounts. Customers may receive up to $15,500 in total savings - with MSRPs reduced and financing rates tumbling as low as 1.49%.

Craving more than just a coupe? Allow us to provide you with a seasonal prize. For every new or used purchase drivers can receive: big screen TVs, laptops, tablets, cookware sets, outdoor fire pits, FitBit watches, or even GoPro Cameras.

The Customer Appreciation Event brings value to the Lower Mainland. To learn more about this sale contact our team today!
It seems an impossible number - looming above every dealership, fusing sales with anxious layers. Critics and consumers alike watch an invisible odometer, wondering if it can somehow make it to the 1,000,000 milestone.

We think it can.

As Torque News explains, Ford is revving toward a record-breaking year - with its 2018 F-Series delivering chart-topping sales. Each month this fleet generates approximately 80,000 total units; and more than 450,000 F-150, F-250, and F-350 platforms have already been tallied. This represents a 5% year-to-year increase, propelling the brand to unprecedented success.

The 1,000,000 mark is within reach!

Torque News notes that - should Ford continue its rapid sales pace - it will cross this milestone by early December, shattering the brand’s previous 2004 record (939,511 units) and ensuring total chart domination. The Key West team is certain this will happen. After all, we’ve watched the F-Series roar off our lot again and again. These trucks bring extraordinary capability to the Vancouver market, delivering a towing capacity of up 21,000 pounds. Their V8 engines blend sequential electronic fuel delivery with pressurized series flow streams to maintain optimal performance; while 9.8:1 compression ratios promise seamless combustion processes. Specially-tuned inductions allow for smooth ignitions; and their cast iron blocks prove rugged (even when enduring 430 lb.-ft of torque).

The 2018 F-Series is a masterclass of half-ton power - and we believe it will generate 1,000,000 sales by the final quarter.

To learn more about these trucks contact our team today!

ford employee pricing event vancouver bc 2018Expect more than high-performance from your Ford - with the Employee Pricing Event instead delivering exclusive prizes with every new vehicle purchase. Pay less; receive more; drive away happy.

Sound simple? That’s because it is!

During the Employee Pricing event our team will offer drivers exciting gifts, pairing every 2018 and 2019 Ford purchase with:

Stainless Steel Cookware - create culinary masterpieces with the aid of non-stick pots and pans.

Big Screen TVs - watch every scene unfold through crisp pixels and super-sized clarity.

FitBit Devices- maintain your fitness regimen with ease, tracking steps and calories alike.

GoPro Cameras - achieve high-resolution footage with the press of a button.

… and more!

The Employee Pricing Event allows our customers to achieve the ultimate shopping experiences - combining up to $15,500 in total savings with exclusive prizes. We are the only dealership in the Lower Mainland to offer this value, and we’re proud to provide our customers with the rewards they deserve. Choose the perfect gift to complement your equally perfect ride.

Curious about this summer promotion? Contact our team today to receive a full list of available prizes - and don’t forget to request further specs and pricing information about our new Ford vehicles as well.

ford employee pricing event vancouver bc 2018Summer rewards continue at Key West Ford. Throughout the season we’re delivering B.C.’s biggest savings - with our Employee Pricing Event embracing low costs and high values.

Join us as we offer up to $15,500 in total discounts on all new Ford platforms! During this event we’re fusing our most popular rides (including the F-150, Escape, and Fusion) with exclusive opportunities. Take advantage of slashed MSRPs; indulge in Costco bonus bucks; and let us connect you to special financing options, with 2018 and 2019 models all primed for savings. It’s never been a better time to secure the perfect summer ride.

The Key West Ford team believes that our customers deserve the best - in service, selection, and cost. This is why we’re pleased to offer Employee Pricing options, providing you-pay-what-we-pay opportunities across our lot. Experience dealer-wide reductions on the Lower Mainland’s largest collection of new platforms (such as the 2018 F-150, now available for only $31,152). We promise value with every sale.

Want to learn more about the Employee Pricing Event? Contact our team today for further details - and don’t hesitate to request a test-drive in one of our available Ford models.
ford employee pricing sale vancouver bc 2018The summer is no longer defined by hot days and long nights. Instead value proves the ultimate seasonal cornerstone - with Key West Ford introducing Employee Pricing to every customer. Join us as we host B.C.’s biggest savings event!

From July 11th to September 30th we’re delivering summer rewards to Vancouver. Visit our dealership and discover the Employee Pricing promotion - a series of discounts that will prove impossible to resist. Wander through our selection of Ford favorites (including the F-150, Escape, and EcoSport) and find:

Reduced Prices - all new 2018 and 2019 vehicles boast low MSRPs, with more than $15,000 in total savings available.

Bonus Bucks - eligible Costco members will earn an additional $1,000 in discounts with each new vehicle purchase.

Exclusive Prizes - receive laptops, stainless steel cookware, tablets, big-screen TVs, FitBit devices, and even GoPro cameras.

… and much more!

The Employee Pricing event allows drivers to secure the ultimate summer rides - fusing new coupes, crossovers, and pick-ups with a you-pay-what-we-pay value. Take advantage of dealer-wide discounts (such as the 2018 F-150 for only $31,152 and the 2018 Escape starting at $25,175); and allow our team to connect you to the perfect shopping experience.

To learn more about this event contact us today!