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Buying my first car
I visited key west to look at a used truck. Peter was very nice and fixed any problems with the truck so it would be safe and reliable for me, as well as suggested I contact him with any questions and concerns. I would definitely go back because of how nice and reasonable the staff were.
Pleasant experience with sales staff.
Buying a new (or near-new) vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, salesman Robert Klaus was very helpful and treated me fairly. They offered me a very reasonable amount for my trade-in and the financing and insurance arrangements were seamless. The vehicle was detailed and was ready to be driven home in less than an hour. I would recommend Key West to a family member or a friend.
Great service
Great dealership and sales person. Friendly, knowledgeable and not aggressive in the sale at all. Financing was a breeze too. Definitely recommend this place for a purchase
Best service
I bought my car at key west ford in New Westminster. Thank you Carrie and Megan in finance helping me out. If I have any issues there always there to help me out.. I get my answer same day. There always keep in mind. These wonderful ladies treat me and my dog like family. Thank you for everything and I always will come back.????
Great service Great Experience!
My experience at Key West ford was great, the sales team were very knowledgeable and helpful. Id like to extend an extra thank you to Megan Fraser, she definately went above and beyond and made my experience that much better, she took care of all paper work, made sure my car was cleaned and fueled and provided me with an insurance rep right on the spot so i could drive away in my new car that day. Thanks again Megan
2019 Ford Mustang 201A Package
I bought the car before Christmas 2018. Peter helped me through the super easy and smooth process which was then passed on to Michelle, who did the rest of the transaction. I was very excited to have such car because of comfort, style, and the speed. Not to forget the loud engine as if there’s a war on the road when driving a mustang. I don’t have to elaborate into specifics but I love the car. After the transaction, Peter guided me through the technology, seats and modes of driving. Also, he didn’t promise me anything but before the day of purchase, I asked Peter some favours. One of them is the “key west ford” logo on the rear of the vehicle that I didn’t want to have. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Peter provided. Sadly, I lost the car due to an accident which I’m not at fault. I only had the car for less than 7 months but moving on, I look forward on talking to Peter for another brand new mustang!
So helpful! Erick was fantastic.
Erick at Key West Ford was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and not pushy at all, showed us all the options we wanted and ended up with an even better car than we expected. Double thumbs up.
Very impressed
I bought a f450 from Ben this past week. Ben and his team went above and beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and they worked hard to meet my needs. I highly recommend them!
Leave it to me.
We like to browse without being pursued, first point given to Jag Dhillon for simply saying, hello I am Jag, is there anything i can help you with. We like space when i shop, and Jag picked up pretty quick, how our personalities worked, and let us come to him with questions on our terms. The end result, we bought a car from him, he was most helpful in answering questions, as well as sharing knowledge.. i would definitely recommend buying a car from Jag Dhillon at Key West Ford. Our, new to us, preowned mini cooper roadster was a great deal, and i feel like the care we got was authentic. Great job!
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers

Is A 2015 Ford Shelby GT350 On The Way?

(Posted on Sep 12, 2014 at 05:49AM by Lee Byard)

ford shelby gt350 dealer bcSince the announcement of the 2015 Ford Mustang rumors of a Shelby variant have dogged the automotive world. Critics pondered the arrival of a GT350, claiming it to be the next logical step in race-track domination.

Key West Ford is excited to report that these speculations are gaining credibility. A 2015 Shelby Mustang could be on the way.

According to Air Herald, dealerships across North America have listed GT350 badges in their inventory indexes. These badges prove the existence of an upcoming Shelby and, with the 2015 Mustang boasting 435 HP and a turbo-charged engine, it seems the most likely partner.

Ford has neither confirmed nor denied the production of a 2015 Shelby 350. The insertion of these badges into dealer inventories, however, offers hope to all drivers.

Key West Ford will keep a close watch on this story as it unfolds. Prepare for more Mustang news soon!

Check Out Key West Ford’s Mustang Meet Gallery!

(Posted on Sep 9, 2014 at 04:49AM by Lee Byard)

2014 international mustang meet richmond bcSpectacular cars deserve spectacular photos, which is why Key West Ford has created a gallery to honor the 2014 International Mustang Meet.

Marvel at classic lines and innovative engineering. Delight in bold styling and painstaking restorations. The 2014 International Mustang Meet drew thousands of car-lovers to its Richmond locale, and our gallery proves why. These vehicles represent the best of Ford design.

Key West Ford wasn’t content to snap photos from the sidelines, though. We also participated in the 35th annual Mustang Meet, providing an exceptional ROUSH model. This precisely-tuned racer (as pictured to the right) was a massive hit with the attendees. Check out the gallery to see it up-close.

The 2014 International Mustang Meet was an undeniable success - and Key West Ford can’t wait for this pony-car celebration to return next year.

Contact us to learn more.

The 2015 Ford Edge Offers Exceptional Features

(Posted on Sep 7, 2014 at 05:34AM by Lee Byard)

2015 ford edge dealer bcCoupes and convertibles dominate the charts, but 2015 will see the rise of the crossover.

The 2015 Ford Edge is destined for success - not only because of its bold new design, but also because of its road-ready features.

This mid-size option has been reengineered for the modern driver. It now boasts:

Adaptive power steering
Parking assistance technology
Ultrasonic collision avoidance technology
A Blind Spot Information system
An updated Sync touchscreen
Integrated 180-degree front and rear cameras
Automatic lift-gate technology

Since debuting in 2006 the Ford Edge has transformed the SUV market, delivering power and precision to every driver. The 2015 model will be no exception, combining peerless style with innovative technologies. This will be the definitive North American crossover - and Key West Ford can’t wait to have one on our lot!

Contact us to learn more about the 2015 Edge. Ask us about other Ford SUV models as well.

2014 international mustang meet bcThe 2014 International Mustang Meet has officially ended, but Key West Ford is still dreaming of pony-cars and restored chassis.

We spent the days wandering through endless aisles of modified fastbacks and Ford-powered rods, enjoying spectacular cruises along the White Rock coast, and mingling with our fellow car enthusiasts at the many banquets. It was a whirlwind of chrome, convertible tops and custom interiors - and we loved every second of it!

This was the first time in twelve years that BC was allowed to host the International Mustang Meet (each year the event is rotated among its multiple clubs). Key West Ford thinks it was well worth the wait. Spectacular cars, as pictured to the right, reigned supreme in Richmond.

To learn more about the International Mustang Meet contact Key West Ford. We hope to have photos and winner results posted soon.

2015 ford edge dealer bcA new year calls for a new design and so no driver should be surprised by the Ford Edge’s latest transformation. It’s bringing runway looks to the road.

The 2015 Ford Edge - which features a 2.7L V6 engine and EcoBoost efficiency - has been redesigned. It now boasts an extended front wheelbase, a sports grille and a square back-hatch. This creates a powerful silhouette, with the crossover ready to tackle any environment.

Chrome trim, active shutter vents and a wide range of colors completes the Edge’s new style. This is a sleek addition to the world of SUVs... and Key West Ford can’t wait to bring it to our lot!

To see images of the 2015 Edge visit Ford’s official gallery.

To schedule a test-drive in a current Edge model, as well as other SUV options, contact Key West Ford.

Visit Key West Ford For All Vehicle Wrapping Needs

(Posted on Aug 31, 2014 at 06:16AM by Lee Byard)

vehicle wrapping new westminster bcKey West Ford doesn’t just provide exceptional vehicles for exceptional savings. We also offer comprehensive services, helping drivers through every step of the purchasing process - including wrapping.

Visit Key West Ford for all vehicle wrapping needs. Our experienced staffers will provide quick and seamless decals on any model (from racing stripes on a Mustang to business logos on a Transit). We’ll transform every car into a driver’s dream, utilizing a variety of services and techniques. There is no color too bold or pattern too wild. We can do it all!

Vehicle wrapping is an essential option for those who want to personalize their rides. Let Key West Ford make this process as easy as it is fun!

Contact our Detail Centre to learn more about vehicle wrapping. Be sure to ask about current promotions and discounts as well.

2015 ford bronco dealer bcIn 1996 the Ford Bronco disappeared from production. Sales had dropped and the need for a four-door design had forced the automaker to turn its attention to its fledgling Expedition. There was no room left on the assembly line for a fifth generation SUV that didn’t provide the necessary size or comfort.

That may soon change.

Key West Ford is excited to report that rumors of a 2015 Bronco have recently emerged. Industry analysts are predicting that the Troller TR - a South American SUV created by Troller Veiculos Especials - could be purchased by Ford and then changed into a Bronco. It would tailored for Canadian and U.S. drivers, with its engine and powertrain tweaked.

This could lead to the re-establishment of the Bronco as the premier North American SUV. Key West Ford has our fingers crossed and our dealership ready!

Want to know more? Click here to read about the Troller TR and its possible transformation.

Watch The 2015 F-150 Battle Dodge And Chevrolet

(Posted on Aug 31, 2014 at 05:53AM by Lee Byard)

The 2015 Ford F-150 will soon arrive, bringing drivers a new generation of power and performance.

Many still question this pick-up’s abilities, however. They doubt its aluminum framing and lightweight design, wondering if the streamlined style will lessen its overall strength and speed.

Key West Ford wishes to ease those concerns, which is why we encourage our customers to watch this video of the F-150 in action. See it take on its leading competitors (the 2015 Ram 1500 and the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado) in a series of towing challenges.

The 2015 F-150 ushers in a new age of pick-up prowess. Contact Key West Ford to learn more about this model and other F-Series options.

Key West Ford Pledges To Match All Team Donations During Cops For Cancer

(Posted on Aug 30, 2014 at 12:31PM by Lee Byard)

cops for cancer bcKey West Ford understands the importance of community. This is why we’re launching a new Cops For Cancer campaign and encouraging all of our staffers to participate.

For every dollar our team donates to Cops For Cancer, Key West Ford will match it. We do this to not only show support for a worthy cause, but also to encourage our employees to become involved with their community. This is a local event, centered in BC, and we want to inspire awareness for it.

Key West Ford hopes that our donations will help to fund a better tomorrow for all children. We also hope that our customers will join us in this endeavor.

To learn more about Cops For Cancer click here. To learn more about the New Westminster Police's involvement click here.

Contact Key West Ford with any questions.

Key West Ford’s Dick Crompton Bailed Out During Cops For Cancer Event

(Posted on Aug 30, 2014 at 12:22PM by Lee Byard)

cops for cancer bcOn August 29th Dick Crompton was arrested! Key West Ford’s beloved Manager of Special Projects was taken away in handcuffs - all in the name of cancer research.

Crompton, along with the rest of the Key West Ford staff, has joined Cops For Cancer. He good-naturedly allowed himself to be taken away to draw attention to pediatric research and earn donations for both his bail and the cause.

Now, we’re thrilled to report that he has returned: thanks to an outpouring of donations from New Westminster citizens.

An astounding $1520.00 was raised on behalf of the Cops For Cancer cause! This money will prove vital, helping to fund pediatric trials and comprehensive case studies. It will also help to promote a better future for all children.

Key West Ford is deeply humbled - and eternally grateful - to all who participated.

Click here to learn more about Cops For Cancer. Click here to learn about the New Westminster Police's involvement.

Contact Key West Ford with any questions or comments.