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Professional & efficient
Peter Olson was a great person to deal with. He was very accommodating & always willing to help even after the sale was finalized. I've dealt with many sales personnel in my life but none as helpful as Peter Olson. Great job.
Excellent service by all at Key West ford
Thanks to Key West Ford in having Jag Dhillion To assist me in purchasing the truck. Jag was so accommodating and professional thank you very much and I love my truck Regards Trevor Reid
Rewarding Experience
Key West Ford’s sales team ( my main contact Peter Olson) were a pleasure to deal with when I recently went looking to replace my 8 year old F150 pick up. Peter was very thorough in showing and explaining the dealerships new and pre owned vehicles as well as what new vehicles were available at other lower mainland dealers. I left the dealership to think about my options returning a few days later and purchased a great 1 year old ,well optioned pick up , exactly what I was looking for ! I’d like to thank Peter for answering all my questions on comparisons between different models,options,new or pre- owned, I’d also like to thank Michelle for making the “ paper work “ very easy to get through.
Qucik and professional.
We had a pleasure to work with the Key West Ford sales team, very professional approach and quick solution. Special thanks to Anson Song for a hard work and great deal !!!... Fully recommended
Used Forester XT
Thank you For giving me a great deal on this used vehicle. In addition, all of the staff was very polite and well mannered. Dealership worth looking at!
Amazing service
Jag answered for every question I asked, was polite and really helped in choosing the right options. Thanks to him and the rest of the staff of Key West Ford I can finally enjoy a new truck.
Highly recommend!
Jag was extremely helpful and worked hard to get us the car we wanted for the budget we had. He was flexible and didn’t pressure us to buy. We had a great experience at the dealership and appreciated the honesty. Next time we need a car we will be back!
Excellent sales customer service experience
Lino Corcuera is very helpful and kind. This is the second time Lino help us to find a car that suitable for my family. We always received an excellent sales customer service from Lino. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for Lino and Nicholas Terezakis is very accommodating and kind too.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would! Excellence all around. Informative, friendly and accommodating. Thank you Allan and the Key West team!
Key West Ford Blogs - Ford Hybrid News
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ford fusion hybrid copilot 360 vancouver bcConfidence proves a rare emotion on the downtown streets - with you constantly gripping the steering wheel, glancing frantically at the mirror. The cars that surround you are moving in an awkward stop-and-go rhythm; and you feel uneasy with every rev.

Ford understands your concerns - which is why it’s paired the 2019 Fusion Hybrid fleet with the innovative Co-Pilot 360 suite.

With the release of the new Fusion Hybrid Ford embraces safety. This class-leading line-up (which includes the Platinum and SE) boasts advanced security protocols, ensuring smooth responses and quick decelerations. The Co-Pilot 360 system anchors each mile with Automatic Emergency Braking, seamlessly detecting when obstacles are approaching via integrated sensors and activating the ABS as needed. Lane-Keeping Assist gently maneuvers the platform back into place, while high-beams instantly engage in low-light environments. A blind-spot information console observes both traffic and pedestrians, noting when impediments approach from the side; and a rearview camera yields wide-angle views and high-definition streaming.

To further enhance safety, this system also boasts available adaptive cruise control - which regulates the Fusion’s performance, quickly assessing acceleration patterns from passing vehicles and adjusting the power-band accordingly. This maintains crucial distance between bumpers and affords drivers more time to react to a potential accident.

The 2019 Fusion Hybrid brings peace-of-mind to Vancouver. To learn more about this platform and its Co-Pilot 360 system contact us today.
2018 ford fusion hybrid platinum for sale vancouver bcWith the release of the 2018 Fusion Hybrid Platinum Ford delivers a clear message to Vancouver - one of dynamic lines and unforgettable design. The plug-in market will no longer demand a sacrifice of style.

According to TFLCar, the new Fusion Hybrid Platinum impresses with every glance. Its lean profile - 192-inches long, 73-inches wide, and 58-inches high - delivers a classic stance, sitting on 18-inch machined-face aluminum-wheels. A premium sport grille frames the front, with mesh inserts complementing the hexagonal shape; while rocker moldings draw the eye to the sleek side panels. Chrome accents define the door inserts; body-colored bumpers perfectly follow the car’s sharp curves; and a single exhaust tip anchors the rear, flanked by LED taillamps and a decklid spoiler.

Ford doesn’t follow a one-style-fits-all philosophy - which is why it’s paired the 2018 Fusion Hybrid with a bevy of chic colors. Drench this four-door sedan in Blue Metallic, Ruby Red, Shadow Black, and more. Each shade effortlessly coordinates with the chrome badging and sculpted hood, ensuring a sleek effect with each mile.

No longer compromise on design, Vancouver. Instead let the Platinum introduce you to the bold lines you’ve been searching for. To learn more about this Ford hybrid contact our team today.
It’s an expectation of sacrifice. By slipping behind the wheel of the 2018 Fusion Hybrid S, you believe that all 0 to 60 hopes will be dashed. This platform will emphasize efficiency, not power; and you steady yourself for the sluggish revs that will soon occur.

Press the pedal, Vancouver, and get ready for a surprise.

The 2018 Fusion Hybrid S demands no compromises. Anchored by a 2.0L Atkinson-Cycle inline-four engine, this platform nimbly navigates the highway - producing 141 HP (at 6,000 RPMs) and 129 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,000 RPMs). Its electric motor generates 88-kWhs, promoting a top-speed ratio of 85 MPH; while a lithium-ion battery supplements each sequence with 7.6-kWhs. This translates into dynamic control, with Ford pairing every mile with a smooth CVT that can instantly identify the most effective gears (shifting through the low-to-mid range with automatic precision).

When these technologies combine, they promise superior hybrid performance - with the 2018 Fusion yielding a 0 to 60 time of less than eight seconds. This allows it to easily compete with non-EV options, and it also ensures that drivers won’t have to forget their speed dreams.

Want to take this hybrid for a spin? Visit our dealership today!
new ford explorer hybrid for sale vancouver bcBeware evil-doers: a new officer is on the prowl… and it will prove far faster than you.

According to AutoBlog, Ford has just unveiled its 2020 Explorer Interceptor. This potent hybrid will soon join squadrons across North America, serving as the ultimate police cruiser. Recent spy photos (taken at the brand’s proving grounds in Michigan) reveal a fierce profile, with the C-Pillars revised to ensure a muscular alignment. Elongated headlamps emphasize the wide span of the fenders, and a cascading mesh grille anchors the front. The entire platform has been raised (approximately one inch) to create a more dynamic presence.

Don’t be deceived by appearances, however. The burly 2020 Explorer Interceptor also proves fast - with AutoBlog noting that this ride will exceed the current model’s top-speed ratio (150 MPH). They credit the inclusion of a revised Atkinson electric powertrain, which will replace the traditional V6 engine. No officials specs have yet been released, but critics anticipate an overall power increase of (at least) 10%.

This will allow the Interceptor to effortlessly keep pace with crime - branding it the perfect companion for every officer.

Will you feel safe with this Ford hybrid on the streets, Vancouver? Share your opinions with our team today!

2019 ford fusion energi for sale vancouver bcPerformance is no longer solely defined by speed. Instead efficiency reigns supreme - with drivers craving economical rides and smart mobility. The pump is their great foe, and they want to defeat it with hybrid technology.

Ford will ensure victory with every mile - delivering the 2019 Fusion Energi to Vancouver.

According to Green Car Reports, the new Fusion is tailored for everyday travels. Its potent powertrain -  which pairs a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine with a 9-kWh lithium-ion battery - delivers an extended drive-range, earning 25 MPGe on the highway (as opposed to its predecessor's 21 MPGe). This now places the platform in direct competition with other EV titans, including the Prius Prime and the Optima Plug-In; and it ensures class-leading capability for each commute, sparing consumers constant visits to the pump.

To achieve its new drive-range, the Fusion Energi utilizes a suite of smart functions - including regenerative braking. This system maintains the power-band, with every pump of the ABS sending an electric signal directly to the battery pack. The need for excess resources is reduced, with all major systems sustained through constant kinetic energy. This bolsters the chassis and ensures steady performance when a charge port is unavailable.

The 2019 Fusion Energi will deliver premium economy to Vancouver drivers. To learn more about this hybrid contact our team today!
new 2019 ford fusion electric for sale vancouver bcDefy every mile in the 2019 Fusion Energi. This Ford hybrid delivers more than mere economy, instead offering drivers a suite of safety technologies that counter even the wildest roads. Confidence is assured.

According to Green Car Reports, the 2019 Fusion Energi has been engineered for families - with its chassis fitted with a series of intuitive programs. Forward collision warnings assess each mile, scanning traffic patterns with radar precision (should the sensors detect a potential obstacle, they’ll release audio cues to afford drivers enough time to respond. If no actions are taken, the automatic emergency brakes will then be engaged). Blind spot monitoring maintains clear side perspectives through wide-angle mirrors, while active lane control detects sudden trajectory variations. This function observes the position of both the hybrid and passing road markers, measuring alignment to ensure that optimal positions are maintained. If a deviation is noted, the console will instantly alert the operator and suggest a route correction via the eight-inch SYNC screen.

To further enhance safety, the 2019 Fusion also boasts optional adaptive cruise control. This system proves perfect for stop-and-go scenarios, seamlessly adjusting speed rates to keep the platform perfectly aligned. Pre-set following distances will be stringently adhered to, greatly reducing the chance of a sudden collision.

Hybrid performance now proves its worth beyond the pump. To learn more about the Fusion Energi’s safety features contact us today.
The miles are often lonely - defined by long stretches of pavement and quiet sighs. Time passes slowly on the highway, and every commute leaves you both weary and bored.

Ford suggests fusing your travels with fun - by sliding behind the wheel of the 2018 Focus Electric and sampling its ample infotainment options.

No longer endure the silence. Instead inject each mile with high-definition content. Anchoring the 2018 Focus Electric is the SYNC 3 console - a voice-activated system that enables drivers to seek out custom downloads (including satellite radio and Google search functions). An eight-inch LCD touchscreen yields access to the AppLink suite; while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software provide smartphone interfacing, smoothly uploading social streams and music files alike. Dual smart-charging USB ports keep all devices charged, and integrated 12-volt powerpoints offer steady connectivity.

The new Focus also boasts a nine-speaker sound system - with a Sony digital amplifier pairing with HD Radio technology. This ensures that every channel delivers crisp decibel-ranges, maintaining strong signal strength in even remote areas. No longer fear the dreaded static.

The 2018 Focus Electric will prove perfect for commuters craving more than a traditional AM/FM experience. To learn more about this platform contact our team today.

Compromise is a familiar word. It slips out each time you settle behind the steering wheel - reminding you that some sacrifices are needed to ensure the greater good. Your desire for strong economy, therefore, must come at a cost of cabin comfort. This is the way of things.

Ford disagrees.

With the release of the 2018 Fusion Energi Platinum the Big Blue Oval brings superior comfort to the mid-size market - pairing its class-leading economy (104 MPGe in the city and 91 MPGe on the highway) with a bespoke cabin experience. Slip inside and discover leather seating, with 10-way power adjusters delivering peerless spinal support. Integrated heating and cooling technologies allow for custom rider control; while lumbar functionality combines with supple thigh bolsters to cradle the body (this promotes an ergonomic shape that alleviates muscle tension and improves every mile). A fold-down center arm-rest is perfectly angled for the driver and co-pilot to share; and memory technology accommodates favorite positions with the press of a button, smoothly sliding each chair to preferred heights, inclines, and temperatures.

The 2018 Fusion Energi Platinum also boasts ambient lighting - allowing passengers to tailor the cabin’s atmosphere. Take advantage of a diverse color palette (including Purple, Blue, and Orange) and strategically-mounted LED bulbs to create a distinct design.

Hybrid efficiency no longer demands a lack of comfort. Instead indulge in every adventure with help from the new Fusion. To learn more about this sedan contact our team today!

Something efficient this way comes. Prepare, Vancouver, as Ford readies its assembly lines for the latest in hybrid performance. A new fleet will soon arrive, and it will redefine the North American market.

As Auto Evolution explains, Ford is planning a massive hybrid launch - with a new line-up planned for 2020. The Big Blue Oval seeks to reinvent itself, emphasizing economical engineering and sustainable mobility; and it recently revealed that it will replace 75% of its current combustible models with EV alternatives. Popular platforms (including the Escape, Explorer, and EcoSport) will all receive lithium-ion upgrades; and four entirely fresh rides are also anticipated. These currently have no trim names but critics believe they will be SUVs.

Hybrid fans have been eagerly anticipating Ford’s new fleet - knowing that it will bring an Atkinson-cycle Mustang and a port-charged F-150. Auto Evolution notes, however, that the most exciting platform planned for this global-scale campaign is the Bronco. The ultimate off-road vehicle is receiving a full fascia transformation: pairing a mid-size style (expect the wheelbase to lessen by an estimated three to four inches) with a suite of mobility functions. Regenerative braking, EcoBoost assistance, and SmartGauge monitoring are all anticipated.

Soon Ford will deliver North America’s largest collection of hybrid platforms - and we can’t wait.

To learn more about this production shift contact us today!

The smart mobility philosophy now extends beyond the sedan market - with Ford fusing its 2019 Interceptor with a complex suite of driver assessment technologies. This hybrid (which will serve as a next-generation police cruiser) will ensure that every officer can maintain full economic control.

As The Drive explains, the 2019 Interceptor will serve as a hybrid patrol vehicle - blending lithium-ion power with all-wheel capability. Its rugged crossover design will anchor forces across North America. To ensure that every officer understands the value of this fuel-saving ride, however, Ford has fitted it with an advanced telematics system. Access the eight-inch LCD display screen and discover real-time metrics information, including:

Battery Levels - the pack will be constantly scanned to ensure maximum output.

Fuel Usage - consumption will be monitored to showcase ineffective driving habits (such as idling the engine, improper braking techniques, and poor acceleration).

CO2 Levels - all emissions will be noted to provide officers with a better understanding of their carbon footprints.

This information is intended to improve every patrolman’s performance on the road. By examining the 2019 Interceptor’s output, officers can identify which driving habits undermine hybrid capability and which instead bolster it. Through this, they will improve their own techniques and optimize fuel usage. Critics note that this platform (when taken full advantage of) can save $3,200 in annual gasoline consumption, which would translate to millions in extra funding for every department.

Prepare for a new kind of hybrid.

To learn more about the 2019 Interceptor and its smart mobility functions contact us today!
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