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Great deal on my Elantra GT hatchback
I got a good deal on my Elantra gt hatchback. Jag was super nice and showed me everything about the cars I liked. Got a good car on my budget. Also all the staff were super nice. I highly recommend key west ford.
Excellent Service
Went in looking for my first car, came out with an awesome deal today. Peter took the time and effort to help me out to make sure I got the car that I wanted. Michelle did a great job with the financing of the vehicle. Both of you two did an amazing job and I thank you for you help today!
Easy going, not pushy and personable
Allan was great! He knew that my wife and I were interested in purchasing a Pre owned vehicle and was instrumental in helping us find what we were looking for. He listened to our needs, instead of telling us what we wanted to hear. He was personable and friendly. We never felt pressured into purchasing something that didn’t fit our needs. I would highly recommend Allen to anyone who is looking for a great experience during a car search. His knowledge is second to none and his attitude is great!
Great Service
Bought my first car today with, Jeff Upton. He answered all my questions and helped me find the perfect SUV. Michael Nokes was also there helping Jeff out and explaining what to look for in a used car and the pros and cons that come with it. Great to deal with, very friendly and kind, Michelle and Nick helped me with financing and they were great, and patient with me. Answered all my questions and concerns with detail. Loved them, so kind and so friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my first major purchase!
Purchase car
Jag was super help full and well knowable of the cars he did great job to explain everything and at the end help to set up Bluetooth and navigation system I am really thankful to Jag for this experience Great service and for sure will come back afin
Great sales and communication
I bought a used 2016 mustang gt just recently from Lino. He was very helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. I also spoke in great length with Michael Nokes the sales manager. He was easy to get along with and a general overall nice guy. I would definitely recommend key west ford to anyone looking for a brand new or used ford. Lino didn’t pressure me into buying that first day I arrived. You will feel comfortable dealing with him and Michael nokes.
Excellent service and follow through
We were window shopping for a new vehicle in the near future. Tom showed us exactly what we wanted and made the deal happen today. We are exceptionally happy with his service and would recommend friends and family go see him at Key West Ford!
Very helpful, knowledgeable staff that made it easy to decide on a vehicle. We are happy with the experience and would definitely recommend this dealership.
Best attention to my needs & very respectful 😊
Jag and the team are very hospitable. They all made me feel as tho’ I was their guest. I was lucky that they had exactly what I needed in the lot and I was given the best deal I could have hoped for. Thank you, Jag !
Key West Ford Blogs - Ford Hybrid News
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The miles are often lonely - defined by long stretches of pavement and quiet sighs. Time passes slowly on the highway, and every commute leaves you both weary and bored.

Ford suggests fusing your travels with fun - by sliding behind the wheel of the 2018 Focus Electric and sampling its ample infotainment options.

No longer endure the silence. Instead inject each mile with high-definition content. Anchoring the 2018 Focus Electric is the SYNC 3 console - a voice-activated system that enables drivers to seek out custom downloads (including satellite radio and Google search functions). An eight-inch LCD touchscreen yields access to the AppLink suite; while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software provide smartphone interfacing, smoothly uploading social streams and music files alike. Dual smart-charging USB ports keep all devices charged, and integrated 12-volt powerpoints offer steady connectivity.

The new Focus also boasts a nine-speaker sound system - with a Sony digital amplifier pairing with HD Radio technology. This ensures that every channel delivers crisp decibel-ranges, maintaining strong signal strength in even remote areas. No longer fear the dreaded static.

The 2018 Focus Electric will prove perfect for commuters craving more than a traditional AM/FM experience. To learn more about this platform contact our team today.

Compromise is a familiar word. It slips out each time you settle behind the steering wheel - reminding you that some sacrifices are needed to ensure the greater good. Your desire for strong economy, therefore, must come at a cost of cabin comfort. This is the way of things.

Ford disagrees.

With the release of the 2018 Fusion Energi Platinum the Big Blue Oval brings superior comfort to the mid-size market - pairing its class-leading economy (104 MPGe in the city and 91 MPGe on the highway) with a bespoke cabin experience. Slip inside and discover leather seating, with 10-way power adjusters delivering peerless spinal support. Integrated heating and cooling technologies allow for custom rider control; while lumbar functionality combines with supple thigh bolsters to cradle the body (this promotes an ergonomic shape that alleviates muscle tension and improves every mile). A fold-down center arm-rest is perfectly angled for the driver and co-pilot to share; and memory technology accommodates favorite positions with the press of a button, smoothly sliding each chair to preferred heights, inclines, and temperatures.

The 2018 Fusion Energi Platinum also boasts ambient lighting - allowing passengers to tailor the cabin’s atmosphere. Take advantage of a diverse color palette (including Purple, Blue, and Orange) and strategically-mounted LED bulbs to create a distinct design.

Hybrid efficiency no longer demands a lack of comfort. Instead indulge in every adventure with help from the new Fusion. To learn more about this sedan contact our team today!

Something efficient this way comes. Prepare, Vancouver, as Ford readies its assembly lines for the latest in hybrid performance. A new fleet will soon arrive, and it will redefine the North American market.

As Auto Evolution explains, Ford is planning a massive hybrid launch - with a new line-up planned for 2020. The Big Blue Oval seeks to reinvent itself, emphasizing economical engineering and sustainable mobility; and it recently revealed that it will replace 75% of its current combustible models with EV alternatives. Popular platforms (including the Escape, Explorer, and EcoSport) will all receive lithium-ion upgrades; and four entirely fresh rides are also anticipated. These currently have no trim names but critics believe they will be SUVs.

Hybrid fans have been eagerly anticipating Ford’s new fleet - knowing that it will bring an Atkinson-cycle Mustang and a port-charged F-150. Auto Evolution notes, however, that the most exciting platform planned for this global-scale campaign is the Bronco. The ultimate off-road vehicle is receiving a full fascia transformation: pairing a mid-size style (expect the wheelbase to lessen by an estimated three to four inches) with a suite of mobility functions. Regenerative braking, EcoBoost assistance, and SmartGauge monitoring are all anticipated.

Soon Ford will deliver North America’s largest collection of hybrid platforms - and we can’t wait.

To learn more about this production shift contact us today!

The smart mobility philosophy now extends beyond the sedan market - with Ford fusing its 2019 Interceptor with a complex suite of driver assessment technologies. This hybrid (which will serve as a next-generation police cruiser) will ensure that every officer can maintain full economic control.

As The Drive explains, the 2019 Interceptor will serve as a hybrid patrol vehicle - blending lithium-ion power with all-wheel capability. Its rugged crossover design will anchor forces across North America. To ensure that every officer understands the value of this fuel-saving ride, however, Ford has fitted it with an advanced telematics system. Access the eight-inch LCD display screen and discover real-time metrics information, including:

Battery Levels - the pack will be constantly scanned to ensure maximum output.

Fuel Usage - consumption will be monitored to showcase ineffective driving habits (such as idling the engine, improper braking techniques, and poor acceleration).

CO2 Levels - all emissions will be noted to provide officers with a better understanding of their carbon footprints.

This information is intended to improve every patrolman’s performance on the road. By examining the 2019 Interceptor’s output, officers can identify which driving habits undermine hybrid capability and which instead bolster it. Through this, they will improve their own techniques and optimize fuel usage. Critics note that this platform (when taken full advantage of) can save $3,200 in annual gasoline consumption, which would translate to millions in extra funding for every department.

Prepare for a new kind of hybrid.

To learn more about the 2019 Interceptor and its smart mobility functions contact us today!
The traditional Yellow Cab will soon receive a hybrid upgrade - with Ford unveiling plans to launch a new fleet of Transit Connect taxis. Downtown travel will soon be fused with best-in-class efficiency and five-passenger styling.

Are you as excited as we are?

According to The News Wheel, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect will deliver a new kind of cab experience. Ford is planning to bring this hybrid to North America, connecting riders to a 1.5L EcoBlue engine and a lithium-ion battery pack. This will ensure up to 30 MPGs on the highway (with an estimated 19 MPGs in the city), utilizing both auto start-stop technology and regenerative braking to reduce overall fuel consumption. A supplemental electric motor is also anticipated to further lessen powerpoint strain and allow the van to run on pure EV performance as needed, providing an anticipated drive-range of 31 miles.

This will prove ideal for the taxi market - keeping the 2019 Transit Connect on the road for extended periods of time. Consumers will be able to maintain their schedules with greater ease; and, thanks to the van’s expansive dimensions, they’ll be guaranteed comfort as well. A five-passenger configuration should deliver 190 inches in length, 72 inches in width, and 73 inches in height. 60 cu.-ft of cargo space is also expected to accommodate all luggage needs.

The 2019 Transit Connect Hybrid will redefine taxis for North America - and we can’t wait until Ford brings this platform to Vancouver. To learn more contact us today!

Hybrid domination will soon extend beyond the dealership - with Ford introducing exceptional economy to the police force. Prepare for the arrival of the 2019 Interceptor!

As Wards Auto explains, the Interceptor is an SUV unlike any other. Despite a massive frame (it shares its chassis with the Explorer, measuring 198-inches long, 79-inches wide, and 70-inches high), this platform will deliver class-leading capability - with its combined MPG ratio reaching 24. This marks a 40% improvement over the preceding police model, and it showcases the value of Ford’s lithium-ion system.

Advanced batteries (which will be mounted inside the cabin so as not to impede cargo volume) will complement a 3.7L V6, ensuring highway MPGs as high as 26. Auto Start-Stop technology will reduce idling time, disengaging the engine whenever the Interceptor fully decelerates; while an AWD will seamlessly adapt to every terrain, reducing strain on both the suspension and the powertrain. This will, Ford assures, extend the platform’s daily mileage and spare officers the need to constantly visit stations. Overall fuel savings are expected to reach $3,200 per vehicle annually.

The 2019 Interceptor will serve as North America’s ultimate hybrid - helping the police force maintain a stronger (and more frequent) presence downtown. To learn more about this Ford SUV contact us today!

The future of plug-in performance is on its way, Vancouver - with the Big Blue Oval recently unveiling its 2020 Escape. This crossover will usher in a new era of hybrid capability, serving as the flagship model for Ford’s redesigned fleet (it plans to launch more than 40 new vehicles within the next four years, and each will boast lithium-ion performance and auto start-stop functionality).

As AutoBlog explains, the 2020 Escape was recently spied by critics in Michigan. While its body was wrapped in camouflage, a few vital details were still discernible - with the most important of these being the presence of a side-mounted port. This confirms the switch to a PHEV powertrain, and it’s already sparking rumors about Ford’s plans for the future.

AutoBlog predicts that the new Escape will maintain its current 1.5L EcoBoost engine and then complement that with an electric motor (an Atkinson-cycle is the most likely addition). No official specs have yet been released, but this combination would reflect Ford’s past EVs. It would also secure exceptional performance, with the drive-range expected to reach (at least) 26 miles per full charge. This would place the crossover in direct competition with both the Kia Niro and the Mitsubishi Outlander. To further impress, HP ratios should exceed 310: branding this platform a perfect option for commuters and adventurers alike.

Ford has yet to offer Vancouver drivers a full list of specs for the 2020 Escape - but we expect them to arrive before this fall. For further information contact our team today.
Hybrid performance seeks to deliver more than efficiency - with Ford’s Transit van now assisting the medical field. Prepare for a new generation of emergency vehicles.

According to Electrive, the 2018 Transit no longer serves as a mere cargo van. Instead Ford has tailored it for true patient support - creating the world’s first hybrid ambulance. Engineers from Otto-von-Guericke University (as well as design team Ambulanz Mobile) recently partnered with the Big Blue Oval to enhance medical responses. They fused the platform with an axle-mounted system, combining a front-anchored diesel motor with a supplemental 60-kW electric engine in the rear. A 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack was also included, enabling the performance band to reach a steady 55 MPH. The drive-range promises 70 miles on a full charge, and horsepower is expected to reach 169.

These numbers showcase the value of the Transit ambulance - with the hybrid able to deliver long-range responses. Frequent station stops are no longer required, ensuring that medical personnel remain on the roads (rather than at the pump); and the promise of a robust HP rating enables the large frame (220-inches long, 81-inches wide, and 84-inches high) to maneuver quickly through crowded downtown streets.

No official release date for the 2018 Transit Hybrid ambulance has been given - but critics believe Ford will soon test this prototype across the globe (making a Vancouver arrival very likely). To learn more contact us today.
Variety is coming to the hybrid market - with Ford readying its production lines for a series of lithium-powered platforms. Prepare, Vancouver, for the largest collection of autonomous technology ever released.

According to Car Scoops, the Big Blue Oval is planning to expand its entire fleet - with a hybrid version of each crossover offered by 2020. The Expedition, Explorer, Escape, and all of their all-terrain siblings will receive an EV upgrade (more than 40 total vehicles are anticipated).

What does this mean for the Vancouver market? Car Scoops explains that Ford’s push for hybrid platforms will deliver class-leading economy - with the brand’s signature technologies (Auto Start Stop, which disengages the engine during idling to conserve fuel; SmartGauge monitoring, which delivers real-time driver assessments to highlight both good and bad habits; and regenerative braking, which maintains a steady power-band by constantly recharging battery currents) certain to push every MPG ratio to the maximum. Critics anticipate an overall efficiency increase of 15% across the entire line-up, and this should tempt even the most devout gas fan.

No official list of hybrid vehicles has been offered yet by Ford - but we expect that this will arrive soon (along with a complete production schedule). To learn more contact our team today!

It’s an endless line of traffic - exhaust coating the highway, chrome growing hot in the sun. You’re surrounded by angry commuters, all trying to shove their way forward. They start, stop, and go again; and your foot tenses against a pedal, anxious to keep pace with this impatient rhythm.

Allow the 2018 Fusion Energi to help.

According to Ford, the new Fusion Energi delivers adaptive cruise technology - proving perfect for rush-hour chaos. Sensors anchor the front, assessing both road conditions and traffic patterns. Alignment is carefully gauged with radar precision; and, when changes in lane trajectory or vehicle speeds are detected, the system will automatically engage the braking functions, slowing the entire chassis and maintaining a safe bumper-to-bumper distance.

Through this, drivers can achieve confidence with every mile - trusting this hybrid to accommodate each change in traffic. Adaptive cruise control delivers automated support, pairing forward collision warnings with lane-keeping assistance to ensure a seamless ride. This allows the 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine to maintain a smooth 188 HP in every stop-and-go situation.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today for further information about the 2018 Fusion Energi - and don’t forget to ask about the available adaptive cruise function!
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