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Appreciate the value add
We appreciated the telephone information provided by Jeff Upton when we were inquiring about a used truck. We needed to determine whether it had the heavy duty towing capabilities that we needed. Jeff went out of his way to do some digging to determine the vehicle's tow capacity and he provided helpful information that we could use to assess other vehicles as we continued our search. That vehicle didn't work out but we subsequently came in to look at another and was served by Peter Olson. He did a great job on intro and test drive, and again, did some backchecking with Nissan to determine if this vehicle had a factory installed tow package. We felt that the negotiation and pricing was fair and we didn't get the high pressure sales tactics that I hate so much. When we came back to pick up the vehicle the next day, Peter had gone out of his way to have the tow hitch, which was really rusty, painted! A real value-add and a pleasant surprise. Nick was great to deal with for the contract signing, very pleasant.
Promised great service and delivered.
Shopping a used sporty SUV for my wife met with Robert Klaus who did a great job on intro and test drive. Came back next day and completed the deal with Micheal and Michelle in finance. Peter Olson worked with Robert behind the scenes coordinating the whole adventure. Painless process, friendly low pressure easy to deal with folks. the whole team came out to see my wife off in her new car including all the management team and the owner himself, all stood there in the pouring rain to watch her drive away! Highly recommend Robert and Peter if youre out car shopping. old fashioned personal service gets it done.
My experience at Key West Ford
I will share here my experience with Key West Ford. I have spent more than 7 hours with Mr. Peter olson (salesman), he was incredibly patient with me, showed me more than 12 possibilities of vehicles (in my budget). After we pick some cars he took me to do 5 test drives with the vehicles what really helped me so much on my choice. Today I just pick up my car at Key West Ford just all clean (little issues on the vehicle were fixed just as promissed to me) and with fuel only for me to drive. I would like to thank Mr Peter Olsen and Key West Ford Team. Thank you so much. Dário Zumerle
Great service and price
Jeff spent a long time with us and was very friendly and patient without being pushy. We purchased a used car, and on delivery he noticed a warning light in the dash. The dealership took care of it promptly. After driving for a few weeks we’re very happy with our car. Highly recommended!
Friendly, honest and fast.
Sasha was great to deal with. He was informative, friendly and fun to deal with. He wasnt pushy at all. They were fair about pricing and the whole process was easy and quick. Nicholas who did my fianancing was a pleasure to deal with and I would have to say overall this was the best experience buying a new vehicle I have had.
Outstanding Customer Service & Popcorn
From the second I pulled into the parking lot the experience started... I was greeted as soon as I exit my vehicle and was shown vehicles that I was interested in... Customer Service is key for me and when I didn't received it to my standards at another dealership which was closer to home, I decided to try Key West Ford... I am happy to say that I made a smart decision and needless to say I left with a new vehicle that I'm very happy with... If you are looking for a new vehicle I highly recommend Key West Ford...
Organized and Quick
Second time buying a new truck with the guys at Key West Ford. I'm a busy person and they worked hard while I was unavailable to finalize my truck purchase. Peter Olson worked especially hard for me and I received what I asked for. Thank you!
The salesman was nice
I was so pleased with my experience here. I had my kids with me and it could have been worse. Arash was lovely to deal with. I didn’t feel like the manager really got us.
Great Better then before. Keep the good work up.
It was a great pleasure to have a sales person care about me as a client. The other workers at Keywest Ford were very present to deal with too. In the past the after care service was not good. Keywest has change for the the better. Sales people like Peter Olson are need in the car sales industry. Peter went above and beyond to make my experience to be a great one. I would recommend if you are look for a vehicle to go see Peter at Keywest ford. The team members At Keywest ford were very different to deal with compared to my last few experiences. The new team were great. Keep the good work up.
Car Detailing Services For Vancouver B.C.
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car window tinting service vancouver bcSummer has long since passed - but bright bursts of sun still plague your commute. Light bounces off the freshly fallen snow, streaking toward your windshield and rendering you unable to see. You squint; you curse; and you slow your car, wanting to afford yourself more time to respond to the unfamiliar highway.

We think it’s time to consider window tinting.

Key West Ford knows that our customers consider tinting to be a summer action - with film applied to reduce heat and lessen ultra-violet exposure. Our technicians are quick to note, however, that the sun cares nothing for the changing seasons; and this process will prove just as viable during the long winter months.

Highway glare is a common issue on the highway - with snowy conditions causing intense reflections. These will impact visibility, greatly reducing a driver’s field of vision; and the chance for an accident is increased, with response times slowed and vehicles misaligned. Riders simply can’t see the road.

Window tinting can change this, providing protection against the glare. Our carefully applied films will lessen UV effects by up to 99%. This will counter too-bright mornings and deliver greater control, with drivers able to maintain clear perspectives.

Let us bring safety to your commute. Contact our Detailing Department today to discuss window tinting treatments.

car winter detailing services vancouver bcThe time has come, Vancouver, to talk of many things - of wet days, icy roads, and all the frustration they bring. Winter will soon overwhelm the Lower Mainland, and your car will bear the brunt of every snowflake.

A seasonal detailing treatment is, therefore, needed.

Visit Key West Ford and discover our exclusive services - with comprehensive detailing packages available for winter. We’re delivering protection against sleet and road salt alike, fusing every vehicle with custom treatments:

Rim Cleanings and Tire Dressings: we’ll strip away all corrosive materials, ensuring that your wheel treads remain stable.

Interior Wipe-Downs: we’ll use soft cloths and specially-formulated shampoos to free your cabin of any contaminants, helping to maintain the integrity of every seat cushion, headliner, and floor mat.

Engine Servicing: we’ll remove all traces of snow and debris, as well as inspect all component for potential damage.

… and more.

Our Detailing Department delivers advanced cleaning solutions to every driver - defending against the winter with each swipe of a cloth. To schedule an appointment with our team (or to request further information about our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages) contact us today! We’ll happily guide you through our services to determine which is best for your needs.
vehicle wrapping service vancouver bc‘Tis the season for shopping. As October comes to an end Vancouver consumers ready themselves for the approaching holidays - counting their dollars and checking their credit balances to ensure they can afford all of the little luxuries they crave. They’re eager to sped… but will they choose your services over the competition?

They will if you properly advertise.

According to Noobpreneur, vehicle wrapping is an ideal way to reach your customers - delivering maximizing exposure. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns (which rely on complicated keyword strings and metadata), this option provides instantaneous targeting: with your business name, slogan, and logo presented to the entire highway. Your service is showcased on a mobile billboard, and this translates to thousands of impressions with every mile. No online solution yields that kind of return, and this proves essential for the holidays.

Digital Commerce estimates that total seasonal sales will increase by more than 15% - with billions of dollars generated between November and January. Vehicle wrapping will ensure that you snatch some of that revenue, elevating your local presence and increasing demographic targeting.

Want to learn more about this vehicle detailing process? Contact our team today for further information.

Winter is coming. This is the promise given by even sudden chill, each gray morning. Soon the weather will turn traitorous, forcing you to trade your sunglasses for scarves; and, as you glance toward the cracked liner of your truck, you can’t help but wonder what havoc the cold will wreak on already compromised plastic.

The answer is: quite a bit.

Key West Ford knows that your vehicle's bed liner has endured countless payloads - and the scratches that come with them. It’s chipped, dented, and bears rust spots like war badges. As the temperatures begin to plummet, however, these defects can cause major problems - with the underlying aluminum now exposed to the elements. Corrosion is more likely, with rain and road salt able to penetrate the plastic.

To counter this we recommend that drivers seek out our exclusive Tuff Guard liners. These options will ensure a seamless fit across any bed (with 5.5’, 6.5’, 8.0’, and 8.5’ configurations available). Their polyurethane materials will be expertly applied by our team; and this will help to maintain the integrity of all trucks, shielding them against wet weather and low temperatures.

Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment with our Detailing Department today!

Vancouver: Experience Advertising Growth Through Our Vehicle Wrapping Services

(Posted on Aug 31, 2018 at 06:41AM by Lee Byard)
vehicle wrapping services vancouver bcThe sound is nearly deafening - a blare of sales promises and financing opportunities. The Lower Mainland is overwhelmed by advertising... and consumers are beginning to tire of the echo.

This is why we offer a quieter - and far more effective - solution to our customers: vehicle wrapping.

Redefine your marketing strategy. With our exclusive vehicle wrapping services you can experience premium campaign impressions - without the risk of alienating your demographics with aggressive advertising. Radio and television promotions can frustrate audiences, exposing them to loud noises and repetitive content. This leads to a decline in trust, with Business Yocale noting that 69% of consumers are wary of such tactics.

Through the silent art of driving, however, you can achieve a more sustainable (welcomed) solution. This offers none of the hard-sell tactics of traditional marketing. Instead it allows consumers to see a simple message - without interfering with their time, their schedules, or their patience. Impressions are made instantly, and information is conveyed through impactful visuals instead of noise. All aggressive elements have been stripped away to reveal the core components of a company; and, through this, interest is piqued.

Want to learn more? Allow us to explain the value of vehicle wrapping - as well as offer you a quote for your company car!
A sad truth defines the summer. Every cool burst from your car’s air conditioner wreaks havoc on economy, demanding an excess of energy from the engine and sending the fuel gauge plummeting. NRCAN reports that combating hot weather can undermine MPG performance by up to 20%; and drivers will spend more time at the pump than on the highway.

To counter this we recommend a thorough window tinting.

The content of this video reflects the impact of air conditioning units on economy, as detailed by Engineering Explained.

Defend your car (and your wallet) against the summer heat by utilizing our exclusive window tinting service. Allow our team to apply quality materials to the glass - reducing UV penetration by up to 99% and lessening heat exposure by up to 60%. Through this we will eliminate the need to constantly run your air conditioning unit, enabling your car to instead maintain a naturally cool temperature.

This will greatly decrease the amount of circulation needed per mile, and it will provide relief to the engine. That will translate to massive annual savings, with NRCAN reporting that drivers spend between $1,526 and $3,052 in additional pump expenses (simply because their air conditioners are in continuous operation). Window tinting will ensure long-term value with every mile.

Want to learn more? Contact our Detailing Department today to schedule a tinting consultation!

auto detailing services vancouver bcIt’s one of the great tragedies of summer. You stand, gaping, as birds circle your car - all determined to leave their dirty calling cards upon it, all seemingly drawn to the shiny paint and glittering chrome. Soon a fascia is covered in unmentionable stains… and you give a despairing moan. This isn’t fair.

It’s also potentially damaging.

As Auto Geek Online explains, bird droppings prove more than a nuisance for drivers. Instead their unique chemical compositions - which include both highly corrosive uric acid and cloaca by-products (such as insect tissue and seeds) - can quickly burrow beneath paint, eating away at the outer-shell and revealing the metal beneath. These materials will leave deep etch marks on the surface and, should they be left untreated, will permanently harm cars.

It’s crucial, therefore, to maintain a strong detailing routine - trusting the team at Key West Ford to carefully remove all droppings and shield your vehicle against future damage. We’ll apply a soft-fiber treatment, hand-washing all residues (this is necessary to avoid further weakening the paint. Harsh scrubbing can have an adverse effect). We’ll also offer exclusive wax treatments to create a fascia barrier, and we’ll provide comprehensive inspections to identify any potential etching concerns.

Don’t endure another summer of bird droppings. Instead let us provide much-needed care. Schedule an appointment with our team today!
Winter skies have finally yielded to springtime sun - and with that comes relentless bursts of light. Drivers squint through their days, ducking beneath ineffective visors to block the glare. Every effort proves futile, however, and their cars are flooded in a too-bright glow.

This, the Key West team knows, is both a frustration and a distraction - with the seasonal light undermining highway visibility. To counter this issue, we suggest hurrying to our dealership. Here drivers will find exclusive tinting services to lessen every ultraviolet effect.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), sunlight proves a great risk to drivers - raising the chance for collisions by 16%. UV rays undermine the eye’s integrity, creating optical illusions on the road. They impede both aerial perspective and depth perception (with strong glares causing drivers to squint, rather than view the terrain directly).

To counter this, window tinting is recommended - with critics noting that it can block up to 90% of penetrative rays. This ensures a better optical experience for each driver, allowing them to more easily gauge their surroundings. They’re no longer battling the sun.

Key West Ford is proud to serve as Vancouver’s premier automotive detailing service - with our team offering access to SunGard products. We’ll shield each vehicle, utilizing premium tinting techniques and providing our customers with unparalleled protection against even the brightest days.

To schedule an appointment with our team contact us now!
auto detailing cleaning service vancouver bcIt begins with a cough - a sudden, sharp sound that breaks the early morning silence. You blink but then dismiss it, certain it was simply a fluke.

It wasn’t.

Soon you find yourself hacking and huffing - with your car rattling from the noise. Every mile seems to bring a new irritation, and your throat is soon raw. What is happening?

Key West Ford thinks it may be time for some cabin cleaning.

Within your car is a series of soft-touch materials - the headliners, the seats, the floor mats. Each provides comfort during those cold winter months, but they prove frustrating in the spring: trapping allergens within their many fibers. A cabin soon becomes a breeding ground for cough-inducing pollutants; and you’ll spend each mile trying to battle dust motes.

We suggest a simpler method.

Visit our dealership today and receive a thorough spring cleaning. Our Detailing Department will scrub your car’s interior - with our exclusive Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages offering unique treatments:

Interior Vacuuming - we’ll remove dust and dirt, focusing on all soft-touch materials.

Interior Shampoo - we’ll apply quality products that will gently lift away even the toughest stains, restoring the quality of the fabric and eliminating lingering odors.

Mat Wash - we’ll strip away the front, rear, and trunk mats and scrub them thoroughly to remove all allergens.

Dog Hair Removals - we'll find those pesky strands, utilizing both vacuum brushes and soft-cloth finishes to rid the cabin of them.

Through these detailing options, we’ll free your car’s cloth materials of unwanted grit and grime; and we’ll enable you to travel without a packet of lozenges in your pocket.

To learn more contact us today!
It begins with a single spot - a hint of rust, a tiny circle of red. You think nothing of it, more concerned instead with all-season tires and the condition of your car’s engine block. Winter has begun and there’s no time to fret over something as inconsequential as a bit of flaking paint.

Key West Ford knows, however, that this is only the beginning. Soon the season will pry its cold fingers into that small dot… and turn it into a gaping hole.

As AccuWeather explains, winter takes a heavy toll  - with sleet, snow, and the road-salt used to counter them both undermining the integrity of every car. These elements layer against paint and parts alike, weakening their exteriors over time. They eventually corrode the fascia, with rust spreading from the hood to the radiator case; and this leaves drivers with a costly concern.

Don’t let this happen to you. Choose instead to fight back with our exclusive rust-proofing services. Our Detailing Department will shield your car against the winter - first stripping away all contaminants from the exterior and then using quality sealants to minimize future damage. We’ll ensure that the chassis and undercarriage are both protected against corrosion, and we’ll inspect each part with care to verify that no corrective actions are needed (if they are, we can accommodate you with our selection of OEM parts and the expertise of our repair team).

Rust can wreak havoc on a car. Defend against it with help from our Detailing Department!

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